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Cruise wiring/setup help

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I am trying to get Cruise control working on my NS15+  I have became stuck at the cruise control switch
I'm using a generic Toyota (ebay) cruise stalk. It comes prewired with 2 wires, 3rd/middle pin has no connection, looking at Toyota Cruise retro fitting guides the 3rd pin seems to be left not connected.
Resistance between the 2 wires checked with multi meter 
+Res 241
-Set 0.630
Cancel 1.535
On/Off 0   (momentary) 

PClink asks for Voltage settings, max being 5v 
So I guess and wired like so: Red wire 5V sensor supply (DIY expansion loom), black wire Analogue in (DIY expansion loom v9)
Everything else connected to expansion loom seems to work fine, tried uplugging all other sensors on expansion loom, no difference.
I get strange results when trying to use the switch, log shows 5v when any switch being used then slowly returning back down.
When checking with multimeter, it shows the opposite as what PClink shows
Any idea's where I have screwed up?



Cruise chaos.jpg

Cruise switchs2.llg

DBW and Cruise 1st.pclr

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For a resistance type "sensor", you will need to wire in a pull-up resistor.  The pull-up resistor creates what is known as a "voltage divider" circuit so the changing resitance of the cruise switch is converted to a changing voltage at the ECU pin.

Wire it like below (pretend the temp sensor is your cruise switch):


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