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Grant Baker

Toyota Tacho control

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We have fitted a Monsoon to an AE86 Toyota Levin / Corrolla.

The Tacho doesn't work on it. On other Toyotas / Lexus etc we have previously used a resistor on the tacho circuit board to make them work.

Anybody know if the same is needed on these old AE86s? 1984 model...

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A distributor car from that era will have a "high level" tacho, originally designed to be driven from the -ve side of the coil (about a 50V spike).  The 12V aux output signal wont be enough to trigger it.

3 common solutions;

  1. A commercial "Tacho adapter" device such as MSD 8920 or similar.  I have used this one in a few different cars with good success:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/142171581596  
  2. Modify the tacho - as you say this will often just be removing or replacing the input resistor.
  3. A DIY "Tacho adaptor" can be made with an old relay coil:  https://www.haltech.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Relay-Wiring-for-Tacho-Output1.pdf  

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Open the tacho , find where the IG- goes and jumper the resistance between IG- and the corresponding pin on chip.

After that its easy to calibrate , as 50% duty , and 1 multi

Did that a week ago.. 

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