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Lambda 1 vs AEM wideband

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34 minutes ago, Adamw said:

It is not clear what you have done or what your problem is?  Did you do the test I suggested by removing the sensor and checking the voltage at full rich/full lean?  Is that the results you show in the cal table above? 

what did the gauge read and what where the voltages?

Can you give some examples of what the gauge displays VS what the ECU displays with the current settings.

yes i have made the test. and the figures above are showing the max min volt/lambda. for lambda as i said i considered 10:1 min and 18.5:1 for maximum. these were the values gauge limited to. It showed 10 for rich and "---" for full lean.

difference is like 12 vs 12.3 afr. ecu was leaner as far as i remember. sometimes it gets bigger but not above 1 afr. driving and checking at the same time easy so i am not sure on wot differences if any.


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one thing came to my mind.

stoichiometric ratio in fuel main setup is 14.7:1 AFR. but aem uses 14.64:1 as far as I know.

might this be the reason of small differences?

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23 hours ago, ClintBHP said:

As a note UK pump super unleaded fuel is 14.4 Stoic as is most fuel worldwide where Toluene is used as the octane booster.

I recently found out that our BP98 in Aus is 14.4 as well Clint. All my maps are set up with 14.7 in the fuel set up in traditional mode. I don't use open loop Lambda control at the moment though.

I tune with an AFR500 set on Lambda mode and Lambda on the ecu

So is it worth changing that setting in the ecu ?

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