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WRXlink 7-9 pnp can't send rpm signal to cluster

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Hello team,

I was configuring my g4+ pnp last week. Tried to connect AEM x-series wideband to ecu(through CAN). Everything is good at first, than suddenly I lost my tacho signal. It was strange because ecu still have normal rpm signal. Only instrument cluster and hks evc(can read TPS) lost it.


Here is my troubleshooting attempt:

1.Restart engine

2.Restart aux function 4 (tacho)

3.Adjust tacho duty cycle (25% and 75%)

4.Reload base map

5.Downgrade firmware


But I have no luck to solve this problem. If I change back to OEM ecu than cluster and evc will back online, so it shouldn’t be a wiring problem.


Do I have something else worth to try?

Any help will be appreciated.


Car:2003 Subaru Impreza WRX STI EDM


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Thanks Adam, my tacho is working as normal now.

But there is one thing that I can't figure out. According help file, Ign 5 should be on Expension 2.

Does this ECU has multiple pinout mode?

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