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Alex Deyth

WRX7-9 Plugin ECU Wiring Diagramms

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Hello, i'm currently rewiring my Impreza, i have a WRX7-9 E-throttle Plugin ECU.
I have some problems with the pinout in the PClink software, i dont find the power pin for the ecu.
Link Help says +14V on E-4 and GND on E-5
The workshop manual says E-4/E-5 is related to TGV.

For ecu power pin is from D-2/D-3 for main +12V, D-10 for backup power and a wake up signal from A-14.
I think manual is right and Link help have some errors and omissions.

I need a correct version of the ecu pinout with everything (like the wiring pinout version in help)



PS: sorry for bad english
PS2 : I do not buy the wirein version because at the time of the purchase I did not think to redo the wiring

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E4 & E5 are probably labelled a bit wrong but they are 14V and gnd to the TGV.

+14V pins are D2, D3, E4, E6, E10 & E17.

Power gnd pins are A7, A15, A22, E5, E11, C8, C17, C18, D8, D9.

Sensor grounds are on B10, B11, B19, B21, B22, B26, E3, E7, E8, E14, E15, D18, 

The Ign switch signal can be on either Pin A5 or A14 depending on model .

Our ECU does not use the back up power wire.

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Thanks Adam, what pin need to be wired to +14v to power the ecu ? D2-D3 to +14v and C17-A22 to gnd ?
other pin are for powering something, like solenoids,etc right ?

there is two Aux7 listed on C15/C16, who is who ?

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