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Active injector drives

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Hi guys,

I have a 1993 BMW E36 with a M40B16 engine (Single cam) 1.6

I just got my link G4 storm (Silver) wired in last night and need your help with a few things.

My injection type is multi point group or batch injection, therefore injector 1 and 3 is a single wire, wired to 1 drive and 2 and 4 is wired to another.

My concern is that.. Injector drive 2 is faulty and is unable to output any signal, therefore I wired the injector 1 and 3 wire to Injector drive 1 and 2 and 4 wire to Injector drive 3.

Active drives were set to INJ 1-4

Would this cause any concerns? LINK manual said it was recommended to wire in odd and even drives.


Thanks so much



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I replyed to your email to tech support earlier so Im going to post the same here.


Hi Kevin,

In multipoint group mode the injector drives fire odd numbered drives first, then even number drives 360 or 180 deg later (depending on injection rate setting).
So since you are using Inj 1 & 3, all of your injectors will be firing together. 
It will probably work just fine like that but it would be more ideal to use inj 1 & 4, then the pairs of injectors will be firing alternatively which will potentially keep voltage at the injector more consistent and reduce pressure pulsations in the fuel rail. 


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