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vipec v88r3 seadoo rxp-x 260 knock setup Question

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seadoo rxp-x 260 rotax 1503 turbo setting knock setup Question.

1. freq channel: 6kHz Narrow band

cy1 knk level gain 0.65

cy2 knk level gain 1.50

cy2 knk level gain 1.50

2. freq channel 10-16kHz-wide band

cyl1 knk level gain 1.00

cyl2 knk level gain 0.80

cyl3 knk level gain 1.00

Which of the two settings is correct?

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Either could be.  You adjust the gains so that you see equal knock levels reported on all cylinders.  Typically the cylinders that are further away from the sensor need higher gain so I would say if the knock sensor is somewhere near the centre of the engine on these then the bottom set of gains look more like what I would expect.

The best frequency for knock detection can be biased by many modifications so what works well for someone else may not be right for you.  For instance hanging a different turbo/manifold off the side of an engine will usually change its knock signature.

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