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Voltage compensation

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Wondering if anyone's had this problem before. G4+ PnP civic ECU and I'm having problems with voltage. On idle itll read roughly 13.4-13.6 volts on pclink (haven't checked at battery) but when I turn fan, lights etc on it drops to 12.6v. 

I'm sure the alternator regulator is working because if you unplug the regulator plug it stops charging and stays at 12v without lights etc (haven't checked with lights on) 


Was wondering if there is something in the software that compensates for alternator load at all? 

I can get a log tomorrow if needed. I'm also going to try my friends hondata ECU to see what that reads

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Sounds pretty normal to me, the voltage drop is just because the alternator isnt spinning fast enough to provide the current you are burning.  It shouldnt effect the tune if your deadtimes and dwell times are correct.

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