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Limiters not activated

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Hi guys, i have a strange problem, and i have to say this is first time in years i see this problem.

Limiters on V88 are not activating on conditions, MAP limit on 420kpa and rev limiter on 8200.
engine overshoot RPM and boost.


rpm limiter advanced mode OFF for rpm and map.

ECU FW 4.10.2

boot code 1.4

main board revision 1.2

serial 8216


can you guide me what to check ?




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Do you have a log?

If you are using fuel cut for the limiter, check that the injector duty cycle is not reaching over 100%.  There was a bug in some earlier G4+ firmwares where fuel cut limiter would not work if injector DC was above 100%.  Im not sure if this effected G4, 4.10.2 but it would be worth checking.

Otherwise we need to see a log.

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yes its fuel cut

yes i have a log,

and yes DC% was over 100%

but it was less than 100% when limiter was suppose to activate.

i can send you map and log can you check please?


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