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GP PWM G4+ Extreme

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I am completely new to link ecu. For my final school project i need to make a variable intake. i have programmed with an external controller that when PWM varies the inlet has to go in and out. Now i want to generate a PWM in our linkecu, that depends on throttle and Motor RPM. so i can read with my external controller the PWM from the linkecu. Is that possible with GP PWM on auxilary output?


Thanx in advance


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Yep you can do that.  Example below.  The conditions in the aux set up determine what turns on the aux.  Once its on it will output whatever value is in the table.  Different auxes are cabale of different frequencies, you will find that in the help file, but from memory Aux 1-4 can do 4000Hz max, Aux 5-8 can do 300Hz max.


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