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neil brown

Reducing injector size and removing ballast packs

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Planning in moving from 650cc low impedance too feel injectors and ballast packs from my car and fit sensible 565cc high impedance injectors as only running around 68% injector capacity at present on 1.65 bar of boost


do I increase the master fuel from 10ms to about 12ms till I get a retune and be able to drive it to the rolling road 


ps is it worth fitting an egt gauge in the headers before the turbo or after it 

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Yeah, you will need about a 15% increase in pulsewidth.  So the two options are increase master fuel as you have suggested (that will give you 20%) or just highlight the whole fuel table (click top left corner) and type in "+15%"

Edit: Missed the EGT question.  It is more relevant before the turbine as that is more indicative of combustion temperature.   

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