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Fury. Need more analog inputs...

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A rally car that needs 2 more analog inputs for EGT (not Can). Have 2 free, but need 2 more for 4 EGT in total... Temp3 and Temp4 are free, but suppose they cant be used as 0-5V inputs as they have pullup?

Car use DBW. Can I use only one anaalog for TP Main and one analog for AP Main, and get rid of TP Sub and AP Sub and run it in setup mode as it isnt used for the road and ditch failsafe? Then I have 2 more analog inputs free:)


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I think you could move your IAT & ECT to AN Temp 3 &4, this will free up AN Temp 1 & 2 which have switchable pull-up resistors.  Set the function to "RTD EGT" and do a custom cal table.  From memory there is still a bug with the RTD EGT calibration where the temperature values in the cal table need to be divided by 10 but you will work that out pretty easy I think.

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