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G4+ Multi-Fuel in Traditional

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I searched around but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. 


Is it possible to have Flex / Multi-Fuel when tuned in traditional mode?  I had my car tuned last summer with the intentions of running flex fuel.  However, it was set up in traditional mode rather than modeled.  I have a map for 93 octane and a map for e85.  The tuner said he was going to "blend" the two maps once the tunes were finished so it would automatically adjust boost, timing, fuel...etc. based on ethanol content.  I received a few revisions of a single file that was *supposed* to do this after we finished, but it wouldn't work properly.  It has now been 6-8 months and I STILL don't have a revised file and still essentially have two separate maps. 


I am going to have some clean up adjustments made in my tune soon (using a different tuner) for improved drivability.  I also want my flex to work properly.  Can the two maps be blended (interpolate?) between eachother based on ethanol content, or am I SOL and now in a position where I have to pay for a full retune?  


I greatly appreciate any input.


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Modelled mode has different fuel and injector settings for both fuels so it means you can often get away with a single fuel table if your injector data is good.  There is no reason you cant do flex fuel in traditional mode - you still have mostly all the same table blending tools - just it will mean both the injector and fuel property differences will all be baked into the fuel tables.  


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