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Chris Simms

Dead injector simple question PLEASE HELP

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Hi all,

Having a new problem today....

Engines Running on 3 cyclinders..... Inj/cyclinder one is getting no fuel at all. Injector plugs deads (tested with a bulb) so thinking a break in the loom somewhere.

The looms ancient. so just for the time being i want to run a wire straight from the pin on the ecu straight to the injector.

Question.... Does the other injector wire just ground straight to the body/earth?? OR (manual says the injector " provides a ground" Properly confused at something remarkably simple again so i wanna be double sure) does it go to 12v ignition??? Its a LINK G1 on a MR2 turbo 3sgte engine.

Need a Homer Simpson esque diagram please that even i cant stuff up.

Many thanks helping me with all theses issues.


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