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Switched closed loop, G4 extreme.

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I find my track car runs slightly rich when driven on the road is it possible to have the closed loop function operated by a switch on the dash. If so how would I go about setting it up. Thanks

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In firmware 5.6.6 we added 3D CLL trim tables.  You get one table for adding fuel and a seperate table for removing fuel.  So, you could turn these on, then put your switch status on one axis.  

In the example below, I have my CLL switch on DI4.  I have put DI4 on the Y axis of the trim table (0 means switch is off, 1 means switch is on).  So for instance when my switch is on and at 4000RPM the CLL is allowed to add up to 20% fuel.   When the switch is off it is not allowed to add any.  Obviously the other axis doesnt necessarily need to be RPM, TP or MAP might be more suitable but it is up to you.


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