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  2. Thanks for the fast reply Adam! Yes, I have spark on cylinders 1 & 2 along with injector pulse when it's running, verifiedwith timing light and LED strip. But I can pull the primary side of the coils off or injector connectors off and no change in running condition. I was curious about the timing offset. I was able to set base timing with an offset of -2° but this doesn't match other threads I've seen where they are having an offset of roughly 270°. The harmonic balancer has marks 180° apart, it could be 180° off I suppose. That's also why I was checking on the firing order. See
  3. We attach the data log of what you have requested with CAN 2 disconnected. It starts in the on-setup state and goes on when the voltage drops. Log 2021-04-19 3;05;54 pm.llg
  4. I had a suspicion on the injectors aswell, but didnt know this info. I have new bosch 1300cc injectors im going to put in the car soon, so i hope that will fix the issue
  5. Just to give an update, I have been away from the car most of the weekend, but was able to get the new TPS installed and I am able to get the throttle body to work correctly in the setup and on modes. It still will not calibrate through the auto process, but I am no longer getting fault codes on the ecu when the throttle sweeps through the full range of the plate in the on position. I will be doing more work this week to get it sorted out once I'm caught up.
  6. Understood. I bought it from a reputable dealer so I believe it's likely a real continental part. In any event I will leave the pullup off as that's how I'm getting my reading and take it from there. Thanks
  7. I dont think CAN errors on CAN 2 should be a problem since your APS is only on CAN 1 now. But I would suggest as a test you could try just turning off CAN 2 (set mode to off) since CAN bus APS is not very common I dont have enough experience to say for sure CAN 2 isnt the problem. Can you do a short log for me as follows: Start with E-throttle in set up mode and working, start the log recordeing, then switch to ON mode, keep recording until the fault occurs/throttle stops working (this may be immediately), save the log and attach here.
  8. Thank you very much. I'll email them as soon as I can.
  9. It looks like it maybe the engine fan offset too big (the fan offset stays active for about 1.5 sec after the AC clutch turns off). Try reducing that by about half and see if that helps.
  10. Email tech@linkecu.com for instructions, Im sure they will be happy for you to return it directly.
  11. can you attach a copy of the current tune.
  12. Your scope is fine and in the log it looks like the ecu is happy with the trigger. Sync tooth isnt relevant in this case since no VVT. Have you verified base timing? Your trigger offset of zero would be would be a big coincidence if that was correct. When you say it is not running on cyl 1 & 2 do you have a spark on those cylinders if you put a light on them?
  13. That is normal, the Aux fuel/Aux Ign runtimes only shows status of Aux type functions - such as fuel pump, they will just show off when used for injection or ignition.
  14. If you want to change from wasted spark with 2 coils to to sequential ignition with 4 coils, then you must use Ignition drivers 1-4. These are wired to Cylinders 1-4 in cylinder order. (AI1 to cylinder 1, AI2 to cylinder 2, AI3 to cylinder 3, AI4 to cylinder 4). Therefore, you will need to re-wire what is currently using IA3 and IA4 to outputs which are currently free - ie IA6, IA7 or AI8. If you want to stick with wasted spark, then you only set AI1 and AI2 to Ignition, and set the spark mode to Wasted, and it will deal with it accordingly. This frees up AI6 and AI7 for other
  15. Yesterday we adjusted the PID parameters and finally the ETC calibration was approved, first image. Then when we changed from setup-on to on mode, the voltage at the aux9 (motor + ETB) and aux10 (motor- ETB) outputs, stop feeding, because the safety functions were activated. In CAN bus 2 there were errors because we had everything related to CAN bus 2 disconnected. Should we have it all connected so that it will stop being in security mode? fsupvteam_ETB_0_to_20_ONSETUP.llg
  16. Hi to all Dear Developers, how do you feel about new devices from Apple? When will there be driver support for these devices? I usually use MacBook Air 2017 on i3 Intel and Parallels Desktop, but I bought MacBook Air M1 and install Parallels Desktop ARM. I am facing the problem of USB Drivers.... Where are no ARM32-64 USB drivers for linkEcu Do you plan to release updates ?
  17. Hallo everybody, i've got a silly question: how to redefine ingition output channel? Still didn't understood the match between output and spark position, i mean: AI1 -> coil nr1? AI2 -> coil nr2? AI6 -> coil nr2? AI7 -> coil nr4? I just want to use wasted spark oem wireing for coil 1 and 4 and new one for coil 2 and 3, but i need to know how to link in configuration this outputs... tks bye
  18. did anyone here can use a link ecu to control or active this pump to work ...
  19. According to my notes, the brown wire was connected to the green wire of the expansion connector 1 and the white wire to the blue wire of that connector. I guess it could be possible that it is faulty, though the gauge itself works fine. What I find strange is that it does respond well to the changes of the calibration table, so it could be adjustable.
  20. Hello, I've installed the furyx into my 2g dsm and I'm having issues with cylinders 1&2 not firing, it runs very poorly on cylinders 3&4 only. Setup: Denso COP wired for direct spark, sequential fuel injection, kiggly 12 tooth crank sensor, 1g dsm CAS with one of the optical slots blocked (see trigger scope attached). Checks: I've verified wiring to correct cylinders for ignition coils and injectors using a timing light and LED strip light, mechanical timing, weak coil(s) or cracked spark plug(s), verified compression.. and finally, trigger settings (see current settings at
  21. Yes it has been bypassed. I've done a continuity check on the trigger wire back to the ECU and it is continuous. I will recheck the wiring again today. However, wiring issue aside, when cranking, the ECU is not enabling the injector or ignition output in the configuration screen where fuel pump status changes from off-on and goes green etc, these don't.
  22. Logged again after the fix. There is a symptom that the idling jumps up when the car is running with the air conditioner on and is about to stop. After that, it seems to be fine. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17AmM6lQaAcBK7uFW5BC2hQELum9B_8Ef/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ql95Yf7F6Ns4cHq-bTrdJcO8fneGuu6z/view?usp=drivesdk LA400K kurosiba21T.pclx
  23. So the AEM white wire is connected to AN5 on the expansion harness? And the AEM brown wire is connected to sensor ground? Your log shows AN Volt 5 at 0.15V most of the time which according to the AEM manual isnt possible, so it suggests the gauge is faulty.
  24. As far as I have seen all the contenintal ones and the small VDO one that we sell normally need the pull-up turned on. The Siemens ones sometimes need a stronger external pull-up fitted. I havent come across one where the pull-up needed to be off. There are many no name brands and clones though so I can only speak from my experience. If you are getting a frequency with the pull-up off then it suggests thats what it wants.
  25. I've got the Evolink/ G4X Mitsubishi EVO1-3
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