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  2. Just want to confirm before I make the wiring change, Aux7 on a 3SGTE V1 (TST185+) can be used to drive the tach through a tach adapter? I'm running a coil on plug setup on a gen2 using the factory tach. I'm not getting any usable output from pin 20 (IGN1) and my tach doesn't function currently. The direction I've received from the tach adapter supplier is to change to an available aux output for it to function properly.
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  4. Thanks Adam. My bad, I should have found this in the help file.
  5. Your log file doesn't contain DI3 or Driven Wheel Speed parameters... However, to set the right values, open up the Runtime Values window (F12), then go to the Misc tab, and look at the value "Gear Ratio Calc". Drive the car at a steady speed in each gear, and copy the values you see in this window into your Gear Ratio Table. Here's an example of mine (the values in the table will vary for you based on number of pulses per revolution you're getting from your speed input) (Oh, and I think some functions, such as idle, run from the 'Non Driven Wheel Speed'
  6. Hi all, I need some advice on gear detection. I have configured the stock JDM 6 speed gear ratios in the ecu but when I datalog the gear is always '0'. We are using the front left wheel for speed input. I have attached a basemap and a log for reference. I know im missing obvious something here. I need the gear detection to configure boost per gear compensation. Appreciate any advice , thanks in advance. 4g63 basemap GTR coils.pclr Gears not detected log.llg
  7. Many thanks for the clarification. Will make adjustments and try again later!
  8. dx4picco

    Rich misfires?

    Maybe increase a bit the trigger 2 threshold. I will let Adam give the last word but it looks like the small hump on there may give you an error
  9. Thanks Adam, I will let you know about the pin 2 once it is up and running.
  10. What ecu and car do you have? There shouldnt be any EMI issues with engine not running, sounds like potentially some other issue. Does the engine run?
  11. Mostly looks ok. You dont need the pull-up resistor as the ECU has one built-in. I dont know about that specific relay, but with some SSR's, the high current +12V (Pin 2 on this drawing) needs to come from a switched +12V source, not direct from battery. No real way to know, just have to try it and see. If the pump runs when you turn the ign off then you will need to change the pin 2 source.
  12. The one "Link CAN lambda" channel will receive up to 8 individual CAN lambda's.
  13. Hi all, I am planning to run my Davies Craig EWP 80 through an SSR using an AUX on my Monsoon ECU. I have set up the AUX and Virtual Auxes mimicking the EWP controller using a guide on this forum. I have ordered a Haltech HT-030202 solid state relay to control the pump and I intend to wire it as shown in the image below. The switched 12v will not be originating from the ECU but will be coming from the fusebox. Is this setup correct for my application? This is the recommended plan when using a Haltech ECU and SSR but I wanted to check here before I wired it all up and destroye
  14. You've got two channels set to CAN Lambda, you should only ever have one. Turn one of these off.
  15. Thanks guys., Just sharing for others; I used the PRP recommended dwell times and it worked best. Initially, I used slightly lower values (-20%) to be on the safe side but car misfirted at lower boost runs. The dwell times below worked like a charm on 15psi and I have turned it up to 28psi on a 4G63 motor with a Garrett GTX3582R. Happy days. \
  16. Hi here is the tune attached. Nissan R32-R34 GTR G4X Xtreme Plugin v1.2.pclx
  17. Are you using 6.19 firmware and do you have the connection port set to USB?
  18. Adamw

    link monsoon issues

    It looks like you should have a log saved in the ecu with a reasonable amount of parameters logged, can you download it and attach here. Otherwise, not much we can do to help. Will need a log to give us some clues.
  19. INSW20

    Rich misfires?

    Yep, and that's what was so confusing to me. Any misfire should show lean, so I don't know why it's showing rich when it stumbles for a split second. This should be the trigger scope from idling during warmup at about 1200rpm: Trigger arming threshold is 0.6V at that point. Do I need to bump that to 1.2-1.5V?
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  21. hey all i hope you can help i have a issue went to the track the other day car was running sweet till the out side temp came up and them the car started to lean out big time. i have had a look at it today thinking it was a pump issue but that all fine have checked all the normal stuff like injectors and filters and pumps all are fine. is there a table in the ecu that pulls fuel out when it gets hot. as i have tried adding fuel in the main fuel `table and it is fine. so im thinking there is a table in the link that has a correction value. any help would be good jasmac tune
  22. I too am having connectivity issues with my link storm g4x and my Dell Inspiron 15-3567 . With key on engine not running. It will connect and disconnect several times and never hold a connection. This is without moving the laptop ecu or anything. So the connection issue must be with my laptop or the g4x ecu. This is very frustrating to deal with and work around. I have less than 5 seconds of connectivity before the laptop is searching for the ecu again. This wasn’t always the case. It has only started to happen after I tried to set my base timing for my trigger 1.
  23. Thanks for your answer. Regards.
  24. Yea, ECU installed in car with xs loom wires exposed, would be so easy to just identify terminal by wire color. XS Loom is just 6 months old. Working on my back under the dash is not easy for the old man.... lol Well, It is want it is! I'll have to verify with TEST & a Volt Meter, no big deal. Thank You Adam, Tim
  25. PC Link works in either 32bit or 64bit from Windows 7 and up, but I think XP will be a problem due to the old openGL version.
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