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  2. CAN DI9 you would use start bit 8 in the xml and start pos 15 in the ecu set up. An output would be done as per the knock warning lamp in stream 10 in my original example file.
  3. Note you can download an updated help file for G1 to G3 ecus that will run in modern windows from here: https://www.linkecu.com/pclink/PCLink G1 to G3 Help.chm Once you download you will have to unblock it. To do this, right click on it, select properties, then check the "unblock" check box
  4. Oh ok I understand. How would I define them in the can setup if I go past 8 DI? I see in the CAN latches it goes all the way up to 16. DO you have an XML example of a CAN AUX? I'm assuming it would be similar in the can setup end? Width = 1, Start bit = (as explained in your reply above)
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  6. Hi Adam, Yep there was no signal from the crank trigger. I checked the continuity and it was fine and wiring was correct. I then pulled both the crank and cam sensors and tested for resistance and if they produced voltage which the both did. They were filthy though so that may have explained them not working correctly? I now get ~200 RPM when cranking and get a trigger signal from both sensors but I do get some (~5) trigger 1 err's. I can't access the online help and need to do a trigger calibration. Would I be able to be sent a copy of the trigger calibration? Thanks once again for you help. Cheers, Mick.
  7. You are on old firmware, User CAN was only added in 4.8.0. I suggest you update to the latest 4.10.2
  8. Have you got the blue/pink lock thing slide over to one side as per my pic below?
  9. Bit number zero is usually the least significant bit (right hand end of the byte, bit number 7 is the left hand end. From wikipedia:
  10. Connect the signal wire to any DI, set the DI to one of the wheel speeds, set pull-up to on. Calibration number can be calucluated using the formula in the help file or just drive it at a known speed (GPS on your phone or similar) and tweak the calibration number until speed in the software matches you phone. In Chassis & Body menu assign your new wheel speed as both driven and non-driven wheel. In the Engine protection menu set up the speed limiter. Set the ON/off control to the DI you pit limiter switch is connected to, set the target speed. Usually you will need to set the speed limit to advanced mode and tweak the limiter setting to get a smooth limit at the correct speed.
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  12. Front 02 is AN Volt 4 (pin 76), the rear 02 is not connected to any input in our ECU. You will have to move the wideband wire to the front 02 pin or you can use one of the spare AN Volt pins such as Air flow meter on pin 90 (ANV2) or the MAP on pin 73 (ANV8), or one on the expansion port.
  13. Your PID is poorly tuned, the throttle control gets an oscilation in it so TP bounces back and forwards, not settling on target, Throttle shuts down once the TP/Target error accumulator reaches 100. If you attach your tune I can possibly suggest some changes, otherwise it should go back to the tuner.
  14. It looks like it is not happy about something trigger related, the RPM drops to zero during cranking every couple of seconds. Can you do a triggerscope while cranking and I will take a look. Make sure yoiu only click the capture button when the engine is turning and keep it cranking for a couple of seconds after that. Secondly, the fuel table is not suitable for modelled mode, usually VE numbers will need to be around 60 at idle and 100 at WOT. Import the fuel table below as a closer starting point. (right click on your existing fuel table, then >import/export>import from file. VE Fuel Table .lte
  15. It should work. You will likely have to do a custom calibration for the temp sensor.
  16. Trigger 1 & 2 are swapped. You have the 24T signal on trig 2 and the single tooth on trig 1. Swap the trig 1/2 wires at the CAS plug and it should be happier.
  17. Hi I previously wrote about some throttle issues with my supercharged Bmw E46 328 on hte facebook page. I have done some logging and hopes that someone can give me some guidens. While holding even throttle the pedal starts to vibrate and becomes a bit harder too push down, like there is some kind of resistance. And while idleing the car gives throttle by itself with out me even touching the pedal. I have attached three logs and the fault codes Log 2021-07-23 7_02_09 pm.llg Log 2021-07-23 7_05_10 pm run 2.llg Log 2021-07-23 10_19_09 pm run 3.llg
  18. Hello, I am new to Link. I just picked up a Link G4+ plug and play for my 2003 Evo 8. I was previously tuned on open source. With my open source tune I was able to log ARF using my AEM wideband that was wired directly into the rear 02. When I try to configure Lambda 1 or 2 I see analog 1-12. Am I able to select where it is currently wired or will I need to move it to the expansion loom? Also how do i ensure Lambda 1 is the front 02?
  19. Hi, Has anyone ever fitted the above to one of their builds? i am having trouble fitting the terminals/pins in to the connector. No matter which way i try and slide them in they just won’t go all the way in and click in to place here is a link to which connector it is.. https://en.forwardauto.ru/catalog/product_bosch_razem_datchika_davleniya_temperatury_77342/
  20. Hello everyone, Setup. LinkG4X s13/15 64 pin. Sr20det bottom end SR20VE head. GTR R35 coilpacks IDX1700 cc injectors SR20ve p12 CAS I wanted to see if I could get some help trying to get my car to fire up. I have a log file saved and attached. The car seems like it is trying to fire back through the intake from what I can tell and is kicking back on the starter when it does decide to fire. Coils are firing visually and on a coil test. Injectors are firing. I wanted to see if I have my injector deadtime set right and dwell time. I referenced Injector Dynamics website for the dead times. I got a timing light to verify tdc and the firing order today. Ill take all the help I can get. brads start tune.pclx trying to start.llgx brads start tune.pclx trying to start.llgx
  21. Z32TT_23Jul2021_NOSTART_scope1.llgx Z32TT_23Jul2021_NOSTART_scope2.llgx
  22. Hi all, Probably a bit of a novice question but here goes....... My race car has a G4+ Monsoon and I've been managing pit lane speeds via keeping to a certain rpm vs gear. Now I want to incorporate a pit limiter. I have a race technology 3 wire Wheel speed sensor (Hall effect) it has a 12v supply, ground and signal output. How do I wire it to the ecu? also assuming it works correctly, how do I make a pit limiter from the speed signal? Speed would be displayed on the Race technology Dash 2 via Can. I have 4 unused DI spare. Many thanks in advance.
  23. Hello, PC Link version is Build date 13:35:03 Nov 11 2013 ECU 4.7.0 ECU type G4 Strom Thanks
  24. That's great, thanks for confirming
  25. How can I use existing defi oil temp and oil pressure sensor signal feed into G4X as an analogue V input without affecting each other operation ?
  26. I think I kind of understand the first two, I’m sure the more I reread it, the full understanding will come. I don’t quite understand why the start bit positions descend in the can setup while the button positions(?) in the xml increase (1,2,3 etc)
  27. You are right !!!! Problem solved, found out it is an anti-thief thing hack into the ECCS relay, the guys who install the anti-thief, if it is unarmed, the ECCS relay will normally supply +12v power to the ecu, if it is armed, it cuts the power by an extra relay, and "short" the +ve side into the ground , thus the fuse will blown everytime if the key is on (if the anti-thief is armed), and the anti-thief itself will auto turn into "armed status" everytime connecting the battery.
  28. Change the parameter in the user stream to whichevr DI you want to receive it as. Frame ID is added on to the base ID. The dash2pro stream sends out 4 sequential frames and we have it set up on ID1000. So Dash2pro stream uses ID's 1000, 1001, 1002 & 1003. You will see at the top of the xml file the base ID is set to 1000 and the frame ID 0,1,2,3 cover the dash2pro stream. i.e. Base ID1000 + frame ID3 = 1003. The frame ID 4 covers the "transmit user stream *" that you have sent on ID1004. The frame ID5 covers the "receive user stream *" on ID1005. The bit positions are explained in red in a pic in the original realdash example. So your start bits to match your xml would be 7,6 & 5
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