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  1. Simon

    PC Logging- Auto save?

    As far as I'm aware it has always been the case that it had to be manually saved.
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  2. Adamw

    OS-88 Gear Shift Control

    Hi Mapper, I have some experience with both methods. Strain gauge based cut initiation gives the absolute best result but obviously comes with a price tag. Barrel position cut initiation actually still works pretty reasonable but you need a longer, more noticeable cut event and the actual shift is slower. I guess this more prominent shift cut event may also have traction consequences to consider in some disciplines. The difference is with a strain gauge your cut doesn't initiate until a preset shift force is reached - this preloading removes all mechanical backlash from the gear linkage/bar
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  3. orlando bello

    Link G4+ Tablet view

    windows 10 tablet . B4 and after .thanks for the awesome Link software.
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