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  1. Ducie54

    Target afr protection

    You could buy a gauge/dash or even install a tablet that way you could monitor every thing. I take the new X series with the math function would be able to trigger an output based on correction level.
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  2. Have you thought about making the boost target table gear based?
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  3. Adamw

    Ignition shifting g4+ storm

    You can still try more delay, it should allow up to 200us. Having said that, 1 deg drift is about as good as your eye can see so I generally wouldnt be bothered to get it any better than that. 2. TP(sub) is only required for electronic throttle where the Link ECU is controlling the throttle. In your case it is not needed. I would expect VTA is the correct TP main signal. 3. Yes your log looks fine. Drive it easy, keep it off boost. I would suggest you copy the charge temp approximation table out of the Monsoon base map so your map has a reasonable starting point
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