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  2. https://dealers.linkecu.com/CANF_2 Your plug looks like the Amphenol LTW AU-06BFFA-LL7001 but with a sleeve over the top of the centre according to the pic on your web site. What's the go with the sleeve?
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  3. Adamw

    2JZ Idle Fluctuation

    It looks like the valve is working ok to me, I think the spike in RPM is caused by the idle vale responding to the dip just before it, this is caused I think mostly by the ignition timing fighting the idle valve. Turning on idle ign control will fix this. Also I suggest you do a firmware update as there were some closed loop idle bugs fixes in later versions. Once you have done the firmware update, attach a copy of your tune with the recent changes and I will set up a starting point for idle ign.
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