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  1. Adamw

    Link identification

    Since this one has wastgate control I suspect it wont have the supercharger clutch function.
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  2. essb00

    g4+ resolution

    It is an issue with Windows scaling... Change it to 100%, it will look ok. Nothing can be done within PCLink to correct that.
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  3. Howard Coleman

    Math Block

    Thank you Vaughan for solving my puzzle.
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  4. All of these are possible. I suggest you download and install PCLink (if you've not done so already), open it up, open an Evo base map, then also open the Help file, and start looking at the options and the help file. The Help file provided with these ECUs is the best sets of documentation I've ever seen - not only does it tell you how the software works, but also gives you help and advice on tuning, engine electrical systems and ECUs in general.
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  5. nick.christ

    RB25 Ecu Housing

    Thanks for the info!
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