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  1. Confused


    All Link products should include a USB cable in the box. Your first port of call should be the dealer you bought it from if this is missing - this may just be an oversight on their part. As for Owners Manual - once you've downloaded and installed the free PC Link G4X software to your laptop, you have access to one of the best manuals I have ever seen from any software application in my 25 years in the IT industry, right there within the application, that dynamically changes the current page based upon what you've got selected on screen. Link do provide a number of "start up" configuration files, which have the basics pre-configured for a selection of engines, but you haven't purchased an off-the-shelf tune for your engine. You have purchased a fully programable aftermarket ECU, which can be made to work with almost every single combination of engine, sensors and modifications. You will need to get it correctly configured and tuned - if you are not capable of doing this yourself, then you will need to take it to a professional tuner, and pay them for their time, expertise, and use of their very expensive tuning equipment (such as a rolling road and accurate air/fuelling ratio sensors).
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  2. Adamw

    Oil Pressure Sensor issue

    There are two further thoughts I will leave. I know of at least one car locally that has caught fire due to the end blowing out of one of those sensors, luckily it was saved with minimal damage due to it happening on the dyno with plenty of extinguishers around, but it may not have been be so lucky if it happened on the road. So perhaps you arent considering the cost of a failed sensor - it may just leave you stranded due to it failing and giving say a false oil pressure limit. Sometimes when they fail they short the 5V rail so all sensors no longer work. Or it could be as serious as loosing the car or engine. The second factor is the tolerance of vibration. I only really have experience with relatively harsh race engines so road car engines may be more forgiving, but most of the cheap sensors dont last very long if fitted direct to the engine - and I mean even the cheaper name brand ones such as honeywell px3. Theses all need to be mounted remotely which if you add the cost of decent hose and fittings each end you are probably near the cost of a good sensor that will tolerate direct fitting. The only sensors I have have had little failures from when direct mounted: Honeywell PX2. Link/Variohm/Eurosensor Bosch 0261230340 <this is my goto at the moment, decent price, temp sensor built in and have never had one fail. Unfortunately the connectors arent that nice.
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  3. Adamw

    Random questions

    -0001 is the part number for the sensor and gauge kit. -0002 is the part number for the sensor only. They are still €300 though.
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