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  1. Thx Adam, it's clear and let me try. Thx for your prompt help. Really appreciate. Jacky
  2. Dear All, Since I have some problem w/ Monsoon G4x and AEM EPM as trigger signal on a civic B20. So I would like to try back to OBD2a Stock Distributor. I'm confused w/ the AEM and stock. If AEM EPM to Monsoon or plugin, only 2 cable back to ECU In stock distributor, there are 6 wire from distributor to ecu Stock Distributor OBD2A ECU 2. Crank Position Output - C2 CKP Sensor P-Side 3. TDC Output - C3 TDC Sensor P-Side 4. CYP Output - C4 CYP Sensor P-Side 5. Crank Position Ground - C12 CKP Ground 6. CYP Ground - C13 TDC Ground 7. TDC Ground - C14 CYP Ground Would you help to figure out, how can I connect Stock Distributor to Monsoon? Do I need connect a IGN or 5V to P-Side? Thanks for your help since I'm really confusing now. Jacky
  3. Hi there, I was a problem with a 96+ G4x ECU I was having a problem for a new ECU. It works fine when just start, after some full throttle (on Dyno). It will freeze on PC Link. Nothing I can do unless disconnect USB. The ecu already upload the most updated firmware and newest PC link. Also I tested on 5 laptop so I'm sure not from notebook. Here is the video show the problem from my side. Did anybody have such problem?? Thx in advance.
  4. Yeah!!! It works!!! Since I don't have a diode on hand. I use a LED to act as a diode. It works now! Thank you for your kindly help!!
  5. Yes. It off May I know is it possible to input 12v signal into analog input, then drive it as Ac request? Thx
  6. Dear All, I was use a 96+ plugin into a DC2. Everything go smooth, only the AC Request Signal got problem. I checked the input pin go into DI1, when the AC off, it supply 12v. But when turn on the AC, it supply around 1.2 to 1.6v. Which the Digital input got a high signal then it won't engage the AC clutch. I tried to use a relay to 'convert' the signal, it work when turn on, but I cannot switch off the Signal, seems it still drive the relay for 1.6v signal... Do you have any suggestions for this? Thx for your help! Jacky
  7. Dear Team, I have a question about Close Loop Lambda, I was try to setup Close Loop base on w/ Lambda 1 sensor. But it seems not working, it show Desc Fuel but I did not found any fuel adjustment. Would you help to take a look and advise what setting I was missed. Moreover, I'm using AEM EPM as cam and crank signal for B20 engine. I review the log and the engine speed, seems not go up smoothly. But the car is running well. Just wondering is it normal. Attached w/ the map and log for your reference. Thanks Jacky EK9 Map.pclx 2nde.llgx
  8. Morning Adamw, I review the map and found that I was selecting a wrong cal table. I didn't aware there are separate cal table between Cal and Linear Cal table. I think I can fix for pressure. Thanks. For speed, would you advice how to assign the wheel speed to the map? since I can get the correct speed on GP speed1, but not in LF wheel speed. Thanks for your kindly help!! Jacky
  9. Dear Adamw, Attached w/ the map w/ the log. Thx for your help! Jacky Log.llgx Monsoon CIvic Base Map.pclx
  10. Hi there~~ I checked I'm using V02.00.06 in MXS. Some parameter works like RPM, ECT, MAP, etc. But the Speed, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure don't.... Do you have any advice for that? Thanks.
  11. it's Link Branded MXS 1.2 OK. let me check the software version and get back to you. Thanks.
  12. rrob, you are my hero~~~!!!! it works well!! Thanks.
  13. Dear All, I was setup a G4+ w/ Link MSX Strada before. It works fine. Now I'm switching to Monsoon G4x. Some of them are work fine. but I cannot get some of the reading like Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Speed etc. I already upgrade the firmware of both but still no luck... here is my can setting of both. Would you help to found out what's wrong of setting? Thanks in advance. Jacky
  14. OH!!! that's should be the problem!! Let me check. Thx for your help!
  15. Status update: it works! when I load the map to monsoon, the Map sensor can choose Internal. Yeah~~~!!! I have another silly question. I was use the setting in Analog Temp 2, but it keeping the reading -40C and I checked the input voltage was 4.98. For the ECT, there are two pin, as I understand, a 5V input to the sensor, it will drop the voltage when it become hot. But I found when I switch on the ign, both are 5V.... anything I did wrong? The car can start but I think it might due to the wrong ECT and it cannot hold for idle. Thanks in advance.
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