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  1. Hi mate sorry for the late reply, no egts yet. Near future ill be adding egts and Exhaust Manifold back pressure.
  2. Hi Adam, I have added the current tune file and the dash file aswell. is it possible to get these values transmitting to the display? AN volt 1 is oil pressure AN volt 2 is fuel pressure Thank you so much Nick 110220.pclr 191019 DASH with shift light.U16
  3. Okay great, seems I am definitely over my head with this one, im out of analog inputs on my ecu hence why I went this route in hope I could add oil and fuel pressure, without upgrading ECU just yet. I have changed the values circled and its not changing the number displayed. ill contact a guy that's local and see if he knows how to set it up properly. otherwise im just shooting in the dark ha. Thanks for your help mate, Nick
  4. Hi Again Adamw, I'm back again with another annoying link - motec question. I have gotten my hands on a E888 expansion box and decided I may aswell use it. I have wired it in and set the can up as per the help area. I have it communicating and working. I have looked at ecu parameters and runtime values and the sensors I have wired in (Bosch 0 261 230 340 pressure and temp just using the pressure side for now) are reading via the link ecu and the can analog volt 1 and 2. They're currently reading between 490 - 505 (atmospheric) and the value goes up with pressure down with vacuum etc. Prob
  5. Put these files in and configured it and everything works perfect. Thank you so much mate, im stoked with how it turned out. Works flawlessly! Cheers, Nick
  6. Thank you mate. Thank you for all you help. I just had a look through the channel list and listed the ones I don’t use. Man press 3 Fuel duty sec Mass air flow Cam positions Lambda 2 Ref error Dont know if it’s possible to take those out and add DI2? I was intending on going motec (I have an m800 from a previous project) after this season but with this type of after sales support might have to look further into a link thunder! Thanks, Nick
  7. It’s possible mate, this is the resistor I had. It’s possible that it’s just a shit resistor? Either way I’m stoked to see a result. ive had a look into the communication setup (dash software) and none of the dig in are being communicated. And I’m too worried to touch the template ha! Thanks, Nick
  8. Adam, I’ve just been playing around with it and I have success! I took the resistor out of the wiring and it fixed the problem. I noticed in the motec manual it states if the wiring is under 2m you only need 1 resistor. Knowing the link has one built it I cut it out and bingo it all started working. Thank you so much! now one more question Adam, is it possible to add speed to be displayed on the dash? (Di2 in my link) thank you so much mate. I’m stoked! Nick Baxter
  9. Hi Adam, I have sent comms to the dash exactly as you describe and used your file on the Link to no avail. is it possible for me to test my connection using the link? Im no pro I wired it as the user manual illustrates. but theres always a chance its me that's at fault ha. Thanks, Nick
  10. Hi Adam, I gave those a go, the display still isn’t displaying values (besides battery voltage) but it does show active connection on can. Does this mean I have comms? I didn’t get much time on it last night I’ll have another play tonight when I get home from work. Thanks mate, really appreciate it. Nick Baxter
  11. Thanks for the info in relation to the Can lambda, something I did not know. Adamw, I have attached what I think is what youre after? Thank you so much mate. Nick BaxterH8SR20 71019.pclrDash mucking around.U16
  12. Hey guys, might be a bit of a dumb question but before I give up and enlist a professional I thought I’d give this a go. I have a link Atom ecu (g4+) and I am looking at using my motec SDL dash via canbus. I have powered up the motec SDL in the car and connected the canbus wiring (with a 100r resistor like the motec manual shows) and I am attempting to get the 2 to talk. Not sure what I’m missing, but when I select ‘search for can devices’ in pclink it shows nothing. I Have set the can id to 1520 but still nothing. Then the pc link software says to copy the table into the SDL dash
  13. Perfect thanks guys!
  14. Hey guys I’ve just bought a Link Atom g4+ and I’m looking to wire it into my 3RZFE-T hilux. I’m looking to change the ignition over to direct fire using LS1 coil packs. I’ve looked in the manual and it describes 1 of the 4 pins on the coil pack as ‘signal ground’ might be a dumb question but does that just get grounded to the body same as the power ground? Also the trigger wires, pin 7 is a shield/ground is that only used if the trigger is a 3 wire trigger or can I use it for the trigger grounds? Any help would be great! Thanks Nick
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