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  1. As always thanks for the fast reply! So could the speed of the auto blip might be why I haven't seen this oscillation before during typical use? I have attached the current throttle settings, I believe they are still the stock settings.I'm a bit new to PID settings and the recommended procedure for dialing them in. Are there any simple tips to get going in the right direction? E-throttle is also currently in open loop mode.
  2. So I started setting up some gear shift control on my 350z and ran across a few things I had questions about: - TP low Lockout - Does this change both upshift and downshift? I was hoping to have the driven upshift activate at above 50% throttle but was wondering if that would in turn disable the downshift blip? - I did a test run with some settings and found during the downshift blips the Throttle was very sporadic and I ran into a CEL and stated E-throttle 1 TP / Target Error. I attached the log I mentioned, at 2:30 you can see where it has an issue. Any thoughts what may
  3. At the moment I'm running the G4+ plug and play on my single turbo 350Z and had a few questions. 1-As far as knock control, can it be done without any additional modules and just reading the factory knock sensor? 2- The VDC and SLIP light are always on as the link seems to interfere with the VDC system. Is there a way to have the lights not come on? 3- Not as important, but now with the Link ECU the MPG gauge and DTE seems to not work. Is there information the Link is not sending through the CAN system that is causing this? Any possible way to get it working again? Thanks!
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