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  1. Another little question... With this configuration i can't change the frequency right ? ECU uses the default frequency ? 250 ? 500 ? Thanks
  2. Oh! I missed this part of the manual Thanks Adam!
  3. Hello Simon, Ok i Need to set to aux 4 -> EThrottle (+) And aux 9 -> EThrottle (-) But these functions Is not present in the list to be assigned .
  4. Hello Guys, I have an EVO8+ PlugIn ECU PCB v1.5 with expansion loom (Connector 2) like attached image. In PCLink I don't see Aux10 in Auxiliary Outputs list and i can't see Ethrottle (+) and EThrottle (-) in function list. Any suggestion ? Thanks
  5. Hello Guys, I would to use DBW funcionality with EVOLink for Evo8. I need to buy a E-throttle G4 (#G4RET) module ? Thanks
  6. What's Is the advantage to use this solution instead of ti set 4-10 kHz wideband ?
  7. sorry for the intrusion.. but is possible to set 6kHz narrow band if a wideband knock sensor installed ?
  8. Hello, Like above... Is possibile with link Thunder...stock evo trigger pattern...using a sequential ignition? Thanks
  9. Hello Adam, Where are the BA Falcon settings? There isn't a base map for BA in the PCLink base maps folder.
  10. I have the 4 plug OEM ECU version.. I use the stock wiring for tacho...all works fine.
  11. I have the same configuration in my Evo 8 with Thunder... 12 tooth crank trigger wheel and i removed the large tooth from cam trigger wheel.
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