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  1. I'm using the stock k24 injectors so I've got the dead times for them but not the short pulse width. Will this be a problem? Have a fuel pressure sensor too.
  2. I'm just in the process of starting up my honda k24 engine, the basemap I've got is for modelled fuel where as my old b series was always traditional. Is it a worthwhile upgrade? What requirements do I need to use modelled and whats the benefits over traditional?
  3. Thanks Adam will check that out later, I've actually got a k24a3 engine with k20 vtc gear and cams, will I need to change the trigger mode still?
  4. Gregconboy158

    K20 basemap

    Nearly finished repinning my 95 link pnp to the k series, is there a basemap available that I can use at all to get it up and running?
  5. So can leave b11 and b15 blank?
  6. On the picture I put above its A26 and B2. On the k20 loom its A8 and A9 (2005-2006) pinout
  7. Thanks for reply Adam, on k20 loom it seems the crank and cam grounds go to logic ground, will this be ok or shall I cut and splice them to the b11 and b15 pins?
  8. Just bumping this, in process of repinning a k20 loom into obd1 plugs to suit my ecu currently (quickest way for me to get back on circuit atm) I'm a bit stuck on how to wire the crank/cam sensors where the b series has dizzy. I've attached the pinout for obd1 ecu, on the b plug it says about P side and M side, what does this mean and how do I wire it? I think everything else i have sussed
  9. Good luck! My dash2 was a headache and I still have no oil pressure readings as well as others. RT was pretty useless in helping too and didn't want to know
  10. Thanks Adam just what I was looking for! I'm sure ill be back for some help once I get round to doing the loom!
  11. As title, I've blown the honda b18 motor again so I'm done with them. Looking to put a later k20 engine in now. I've currently got a PnP civic link 95, can I use this ok on the k20? Obviously I know ill need to suit the k20 loom to obd1 ecu plugs but other than that all ok?
  12. Yep they read correct on pclink. I'm at a loss with it then, rt are no help whatsoever either. Shame as I heard good things about their customer support but just seems like they don't want to know
  13. Just to bump this, i updated the firmware on the dash which got me rpm working but still have no pressures. No fuel or oil pressure. I have x2 link 150psi sensors for these via 2 analog inputs on the expansion plug. Would this effect getting the readings over to the dash2?
  14. No ccf file, not sure what that is or how id obtain one? Honestly I haven't a clue, at my whits end with it. A dash of this price range shouldn't be so difficult to set up. I've tried seeking advice from them but replies are very slow and don't seem to be moving forward with it
  15. Hope these work Adam. 2021 new engine.pclr DASH2 - Link Fury G4X.CMG
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