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  1. So, after a few months of playing around and studying wiring diagrams, I found that for whatever reason, my compressor clutch relay was getting around 3.5v to either side of the coil. One from the Aux2 Clutch output from the ECU and one from the AC Pressure switch. So I tried turning the Aux2 output OFF in the ECU and what do you know.. everything now works as intended. Just a note for anyone trying the EvoLink G4+ for Evo1-3 in the SSG RVR
  2. Oh sorry, what I meant was the status on the ECU says the clutch is on and active, but doesn't seem to physically turn it on? I don't hear the click from the clutch itself and I don't get the cold air.
  3. Swapped Pin 45 over to Pin 11, meaning the AC request from my climate control unit was now going in to DI5 rather than DI1. Came back with with the same results as previous. If I have DI5 set to "AC Request", the button triggers the AC request on and off - All sweet. Only thing is although the A2 Output for the AC Clutch turns on, I don't actually get cold air. If I set DI5 to a "GP Input" rather than AC Request, I get cold air, but the AC Step to control my idle obviously doesn't kick in, so the car stalls. I thought that idea might be a goer, but unfortunately it has the same effe
  4. Should I try swapping Pins 45 and 11? Maybe the resistor on that pin is not happy?
  5. I did find this document: http://indy.pp.ru/GDI/Docs/SPACE_RUNNER_WAGON_91_ENG/wiring/92MY_N10_N40/PHDE9214-A-B_SPACE-RUNNER_SPACE-WAGON_92_ELECTRICAL_WIRING.pdf Although it looks to be for the earlier Space Runner wagons as the document was created in 1993 and doesn't list the N23W. Page 168 Looks to be where some diagrams start for the RHD 4g63 Models. It looks to be for a N/A 4g63 SOHC engine though too but could be of some help? -------- Oh actually, what about this? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8mvxbuy0pajca2i/AADVTKTBc8hEH_6VaU7A1pZwa There is a folder in there named "clim
  6. Ahh damn it seems to be impossible to find a wiring diagram for the N23W RVR let alone the evo 3 I've been looking for a while haha. Maybe some of the DSM stuff could be worth a check.
  7. Ahhh righto, thanks for explaining that Adam, makes sense I just tested Pin 11 and no voltage at all with or without A/C - Stays at 0v I noticed my Pin 11 wire is green, whereas the Evo3 pinout chart I was looking at mentioned a Green/White wire. Maybe the RVR does not use this? Would this be an idea in that case to move Pin 45 to Pin 11 and use DI5 as my A/C Request? That way the Pull down resistor should hopefully bring the voltage down when I turn the climate control off? I just noticed too If I leave Digital Input 5 Off and just Use DI1 (Pullup: Off, On Level: High), The AC
  8. Alrighty, so I grabbed the connector in between the ECU and the climate control unit and unplugged this (Pictured below) It looks to have 2 of the same Green/Yellow wires that Pin 45 uses. Did a quick test on this and found it reads 13.5v~ through both of these pins coming from the climate control unit which switch to 0v when turning AC off (All with the car running) So this side looks good? Going to try the ECU side now Ok, so it looks to be the ECU? I turned the car on and left it running. Unplugged this connector and turned the AC on Climate control side shows 13.5v and switc
  9. Car has been out of action for a while but I'm back to try and fix this up. So voltage between pins 71 and 45 reads 0v when the car is off. With the car on, but not running - 0.2v (should be all good?) All AC request statuses are off in PCLink here With the car On+Running - 0.2-0.21v Turning AC on results in all requests becoming active and volts between pins rises to the 12v - All good When I turn the AC back off though - The voltage drops to 9.93v? and that's where the AC requests stay active while the Climate Control unit is actually off Any ideas what's going on there?
  10. The climate control unit does have a "ECO" mode from factory, I wonder if that might even be related also? I believe the eco mode cycles the clutch less frequently than the regular mode. The grounding could be a thing, so I'll give that a go tomorrow as well and report back
  11. Ahh of course, didn't even think of looking at that I had a quick play with that set to low and managed to get the AC on, with the clutch and the Idle up also working but couldn't get it to turn off. I'll be more specific when my Laptop doesn't run out of charge and I'm back home but I'm pretty sure I tried most of the combinations available with On Levels and Pullup Resistor while also turning Digital Input 1 Off with 5 On and vice versa. It seems like DI5 is the input that actually turns the Clutch on with the AC button on the Climate Control unit. The installation manual does lis
  12. Oh my bad, I turned that off while I was troubleshooting Here is the Map and log with Clutch control back on. When I turn the AC on, the switch activates and it says it's engaging the clutch, but I don't get cold air. all the switches also stay on when I turn the AC back off. I'm wondering if that's what the second AC request input is for? RVRmap.pclr Log 2018-08-7 2;09;21 pm.llg
  13. Thanks Adam, here is the log: Turn on - AC On - AC Off - Engine Fan.llg Edit: and the Map: RVRmap.pclr
  14. Alrighty, so with the climate control off: - DI5 Ac Request: ACTIVE - DI1 Ac Request: OFF If I turn the fans on, everything stays where it is If i turn the AC on, DI1 becomes active, DI5 stays always on This is with everything set to On level: Low and Pullup: Off If I turn DI5 Off and leave the DI1 AC request to control the AC, When I turn the AC on, the clutch value stays OFF and does not use the AC Idle step table (Resulting in lower revs but working AC)
  15. Thanks Adam. I got into the open loop idle control after doing some more logs and adjusting my fuel table towards the targets That now seems to be working fairly well at keeping at my 850rpm target. The engine fan still drops it a tad but recovers a second or 2 after which seems better. The aircon has me stumped though. I have Digital Input 1 & 5 which are both A/C requests. By changing DI1 to "on Level" high, I was able to get the AC request to become active when using my climate control, which lowered the revs (Ignoring the A/C step table) and started pumping cold air. If I ALSO c
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