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  1. Hi Guru's, I have recently connected my Link Aim mxs dash to Link g4+ Vr4 ecu and both Link dash and Link can Lambda don't get along, on can 1 both on same can but different ID on each of their own channel, but only one will work but not together, have tried different bit rate and still the same issue, dash comes on and off but reads the same as ECU? Any Solutions for this issue our there ? I'm running the same as per the picture.
  2. Hi All, Hoping to get some advice on setting up ID 1700 injectors in my VR4 plug In G4+ mainly around injector set up in Ecu ? Planning to start new engine shortly. Thanks Carl
  3. VR4G63

    VR4 duel fan wiring

    Thanks Adamw will try the above
  4. VR4G63

    VR4 duel fan wiring

    Two fans and its a G4+ plugin for VR4
  5. VR4G63

    VR4 duel fan wiring

    Hi Guru's, What's the easiest way to set up my fans on my G4+ plug in on my VR4 ? The following has been done - Factory fans and radiator have been replaced with new slim line and new radiator. - Wiring to fans have been unplugged. - A/C has been removed from car and unplugged. - A/C temp sensor removed. All other Ecu sensor set has been completed and all running as they should, just wondering what part of ecu we look to tap into to trigger fans to start with ect ? Thanks in advance
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