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  1. I install new gearbox grom STI GRB to my STI04. New transmission dont have speed sensor. Can i use ABS wheel sensor as veh speed sensor. I need connect ABS sensor to DI?
  2. I reconnect one part ecu of other, spray contacts with contact cleaner, and ecu works.
  3. in test function spikes cyl1 and cyl3 the same.
  4. We look on trigger wheels, all ok. And i write trigger scope. Trigger Scope Log 2019-07-20 7;22;12 pm.llg
  5. If ecu plug will have be damage we dont have any signal on osciloscope. But we have signal and have frequency of signal. I connect dirrectly to ecu and from cyl 1 2 4 we have good signal but from inj 3signal wrong. Tell me why?
  6. I cut wire and connect directly to ecu, this osciloscopes makes from ecu. Problem is in ECU not in wiring, but Link repair service dont find it.
  7. Its joke? Do you think i dont check 12v supp before send to your service ecu from Ukraine to NZ? I check, all OK, but inj3 still dont work.
  8. This osciloscope of 2 working cylinders and osc of one working and one bad working cylinder(cyl3). How do you test ecu, if it slill work bad?
  9. I recive ecu. You dont find any problems, but signal inj 3 still wrong and car dont work good. Can i log in link software inj timing of each cylinder?
  10. Please recive my ECU for repair. EMS number EE875015059UA. I write form on main site, but repair number i dont have. 26/06/2019 08:40 Delivered HWO
  11. In mu link G4+ WRX7-9 deffective INJ3 output signal(it work good, but now dont work), cyl 1 2 and 4 work good, but cyl 3 not working. Can i connect inj 3 signal to other ecu output and reconfig it?
  12. Yes it 5744 Hz. What Freq channel i should use(6 kHz Narrow band or 4-10 wide band)?
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