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  1. Got it running perfectly last night, thanks for the help all. Turns out I had installed the Cam wheels on the wrong sides... That meant the timing was out by about 1.5 teeth on both sides Lucky it's a non-interference engine!
  2. Will do, I did change the timing belt before installing the engine but had written it off as the compression was good I'll go over everything and get back to you
  3. We attempted that and the car backfired out the intake, would the engine still make good compression with a timing belt slightly off? It made 200 - 210psi in all the cylinders
  4. We just had that thought today, I'm going to replace the FPR and look at some new injectors just as I know they're probably tired. The fuel system is the original unit but I have replaced all the seals
  5. Sorry about the delay, attached are the map and logging files 1UZMX83.pclr 1UZMX83Log.llg
  6. I've copied everything apart from the ignition setup to match the non-VVTi as per the engine specific sample
  7. Non-VVTi, I'll get one recorded asap
  8. Hi All, I've just finished wiring up a 1UZ into a MX83 Cressida but have run into a weird issue that I could use a hand on. The car is running a Storm ecu, K20 COP and has a R151 gearbox. I'm using the 1UZ VVTI base map with a few small things modified. The car will run but only barley at 200rpm, it won't rev at all even with the butterfly fully open. It will slowly taper off and die no matter what I do and if I block the isc with the butterfly closed the engine will die instantly. I'll start with what I've done: - Checked both injectors + coils with the test f
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