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    Sr20 vvt issue

    Hi guys, my car is away being tuned and the tuner said he’s struggling with the vvt as it isn’t working. On aux 8 on the ECU it says vvt/purge and purge is being activated when you let off the throttle but getting no vvt. Also does anyone know if the the vvt on a s14a sr20 is just on/off or variable? My knowledge is very limited so I’m just going off information I have got off him to try ask on here so excuse my lack of technical knowledge. Thanks, Brad.
  2. Thank you for the help Richard! I appreciate it. Brad
  3. Hi guys this is my first time using a link ecu and my car is going for tuning in a few weeks and I have a link 3 port MAC valve and I was wondering what ports on the valve should be plumbed to what. The turbo is internally wastegated so only has the one nipple on the actuator. Thanks, Brad.
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