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  1. flipski

    350z g4+ o2

    I am getting some long tube headers and I would like to use the bank1 o2 inputs for wideband sensors. I will splice the main harness to provide a 0-5v inputs. Can this be done? Or are the inputs locked to the original sensors config? If I disable the inputs, will it damage the O2 heater circuitry by being disconnected? Thank you.
  2. IS there a way to determine which cylinder is misfiring using the #350z G4+ ? Also, i am getting conflicting value for the dead time of the Denso 560cc ( blue) GTR injectors. Car seem easier to tune with 0.890ms@14V. But I would guess they are not linear flowing and I will need to get the pw adder value too. Thank you.
  3. will do.Thank you! it might take me a few days to get the error again. I'll let you know.
  4. here is the full llg. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f9ShxMaDuKNachlVurG3W_aq_zb-1x_z/view?usp=sharing
  5. Today , I was driving my 2003 350z, when this happened while driving. I am using a brand new Hitachi TB. but the Aux9/10 have been happening quite often and randomly recently. AS you can see in the graph, not only the TP signal was affected but also the intake VVT soleniods. During the duration of the spikes, the AUX9/10 Supply stays at around 14V but once I let go off the Accel pedal, the Aux9/10 supply just slowly dive to 1.2V The fact that both the intake VVT Solenoid and TP signal are affected makes me think this is a hardware internal to ECU. Once I shutdown and clear the codes, the ECU is acting normal, so it does not look like a permanent error. Here is the log ( CSV format since I couldn't split logs, if you do know how to split logs and save them under the llg format, let me know! ) Throttle.zip And here is my "tune" latest.zip What should I do ? I am thinking about reverting to the previous firmware before the latest update. Thank you
  6. Thanks Adamw. Do you know which input (DI4 or DI6) cancels the cruise control ? I have 2 choices of rewiring the pedal switches. The 350z has 2 inputs. 1 from the brake light switch( DI4) and the DI6 is both switches ( cluth and brake) in series. which means DI6 cannot differentiate between brake only or brake/clutch together. I could bypass the brake switch and have DI6 being the clucth switch only but I am afraid cruise control will be affected.
  7. I was playing with the virtual Aux in order to setup a blip mode for downshifting with my 350z and noticed there is Lateral and Longitudinal acceleration in the condition fields. Is the G4+ equiped with a g-meter ? or are those calculated based off wheel speeds inputs. I was thinking of adding a button to blip the throttle unto the steering wheel. Or wiring the clutch switch to the DI8 on the expansion port. Basically, the formula will be Long Acceleration < 0G AND clutch and brake switch active and button pressed = blip throttle for x seconds. Is that feasible ? The brake pedal by itself activates both DI's I need to separate the clutch by itself.
  8. Alright , So I finally decided to switch to modeled mode for my car and I have a few question regarding the predefined values in the basemaps. 1. Fuel injector are setup with 285cc at 43.5psi whereas Adam mentioned 284cc at 345kpa or 50psi ? But since the fuel main settings is set at 43.5psi instead of the 50psi that my car is supposed to run, I guess the pulse width is still correct even tho the fuel pressures are not the one the car is experiencing ? 2. VVT table. In the traditional mode, the VVT Inlet table has the rpm and TPS axis. By using this table as is, I would need to setup a 3d VE table? with rpm,mpg and tps. Since changing the intake cam angle should affect the VE of the cell the engine currently sit in. Or should I just swap the axis on the VVT to the MPG ? and deal with 3d VE tables after I get better at tuning. 3. what should be a good starting point for a VE cell ? I've noticed the traditional cell value don't match up after switching to Modeled equation ? I am running lean everywhere and since I am fuel tuning via datalog, I want to make sure I am not melting something before I hit the dyno and run a full VVT and ign timing tuning session. Thank you Edit: 1 more question. I've changed my intake manifold. It is a Kinetix velocity , made of stainless steel which is a bad heat conductor ( at least a lot lower than the aluminum plenum). Does the charge temp correction table populated from trial and errors ? or is there a specific formula to it ? Thanks
  9. don't double click on the folder, it is a feature that adds all parameters under that folder, just click once to expand , then select the one you want.
  10. Many Thanks for your reply!
  11. Thank you very much! I will try to play with VE tuning this winter. I did run a track event last weekend with the G4+, I was able to tweak my fuel and throttle after a mostly street tune and my engine didn't go KABOOM. One last thing, what about Short pulse adder ? they are all zeros...
  12. Where would 1 person find all the specs of oem injectors, oem coil pack, fuel pump , etc.. etc... to start tuning VE on a VQ35DE ? Thanks.
  13. The ECU is grounded at the IPDM box ( basically a ignition relay box), this common ground is directly connected to the battery , engine block is grounded at the battery terminal directly. The LC2 states to ground the controller to the battery. which I did. I guess I should not connect that ground to the sensor ground on the internal aux port, is this correct ? AS far as sensor reading, I forgot that my original downstream o2 were still connected to AN 10 and 11. I am getting the same pulse on the left bank which makes me think this is mechanical. I'll investigate the vvt and see if that changes. Thank you for the lead. it looks like they have about the same pulse frequency.
  14. yep, it is a lc2. I grounded the lc2 to the battery directly and joined the ground to the ecu sensor ground. will try a digital readout from the LC2 and see if it fluctuates. I am puzzled because it only happens in a few cells below 2krpm , I am showing a "steady" afr after that. Thank you.
  15. I am trying to stabilize my fuel in some cells and cannot figure out some oscillations in AFR values that happens at a very specific frequency. Every 5.5s , it looks like my AFR gets rich and drop by 1point. The only input that fluctuate is the MAP , going from 4.2 to 4.4 for a very short instant and thus changing the Inj PW actual time by a few microseconds but I doubt this would create such dip in the AFR readings. Nobody has any idea where that could come from ? I don't have a fuel pressure gauge and didn't want to invest in 1 , just yet ! all fuel corrections are turned off. I've attached my logs and tune file. Thank you. 1500rpm.llg 350z.pclr
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