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  1. Good morning. There is a vibration problem when idling, so I leave a message. The vehicle is 06 WRX STi Symptom. I feel the vibration of the idling increases as the engine gets hot. I am not a professional tuner, but the prescription I felt was good is... 1. Adjust idling air-fuel ratio from 14.7 to 14.0 2. adjust idling target rpms upwards from the normal temperature. 3. Change the engine fan rotation temperature from 93 degrees to 90 degrees (this method will make the oil temperature appear to be supercooled on the DEFI oil gauge, which is installed at oil pressure switch instead) I am currently using a closed loop idle E-throttle, but I can not remember the idea of catching vibration problems ... Please let me know your various know-how Thank you.
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