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  1. Hi, would it be possible to post a version of this same base map for a G4 Storm running 4.10.2 firmware? Just need something to get me started. Cheers.
  2. Great, I can make that work. Cheers for your help guys.
  3. Ah I see, thanks. You're right my ECU must have been an upgrade to V5. Do you know if the NB Oxy input will be clipped to 1V Max, or should I be able to use it to log the 0-5V WB signal as raw voltage anyway?
  4. Hi - I'm using a Link G1 V5 without the secondary four pin header. I'd like to read in the analogue output from my AEM X-Series wideband to the G1 NB Oxy input for datalogging. The X-Series does not have a simulated narrowband output, so I'm planning to use an Arduino to convert the signal from 0-5V to 1-0V. I have the voltage/AFR calibration curve for the AEM WB output. Would you be able to provide sample points (or even better a transfer function equation) for the preset G1 NB Oxy voltage/AFR curve? Cheers.
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