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  1. yes i have non driven speed on digital 4 output.And gear detection is on,also speed wired to digital 3 how should setup looks like?
  2. Magnus motorsport launch control device. I want this device to be active only at 1st gear,and I have only aux output left. How should setting look like on aux output on v44? Thank for your time /wanchai ppfhonda2019medtändback.pcl
  3. thanks for fast reply, here is log and map kjula29juni2013.pcl 10.63.llg
  4. Hi My launch setting is 7200rpm and 0.6bar boost,, i would like to have 1.0bar at same launch rpm,how to write in launch control retard table? Right now this is the settings.
  5. Hi Thank for reply. Ok, i would like to test the 3d launch mode you have in mind. Can you please show me an example of the settings? I have fwd car build for dragracing,it make 815whp. I have problems a launch,it spinning the tire or it bogging..have try diffrent option, ex(turn boost down at 1st gear) or and haven't find a best setup yet. I have wheels speed sensor fitted in rear wheel,and vss wired on digital3 input. Thank you.
  6. Hi I would like to test a launch control base on timer. I need help how to setup the timer. one switch is wired to digital 2 for the launch, and a button on stearing wheel, when realese the button i want launch control to stay avtive for 1.5 sec ,then go normal rev limit. cant it be done? thank you
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