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  1. Booston

    Lap Timing

    Anyway to get lap times on Pclink with gps data input via can ? if it can’t display could it log them?
  2. Hi I have CEL setup to be on if high boost is selected , how can I add a flashing CEL if on medium boost ? ( boost table 3 ) tia
  3. Any changes ? As my afr is now only 2 decimal places instead of previous 3
  4. it wont work until you show us a picture of your dash in the car hahahaha , on a serious note i can't help
  5. Thanks Adam much appreciated
  6. Sorry bud now attached PCLog 2020-07-17 8;16;11 am.llg
  7. pcLog 2020-07-16 6;32;43 pm.llg
  8. Cheers Adam, will pull log but highly unlikely air leak sensor is pre wastegate return and very close to turbo outlet. We saw 138afr on boost ( closed loop disabled while diagnosing ) I have seen over the years sensors can be short lived close to the turbo as see very high heat and yearly replacement possibly likely just a little pocket pain
  9. Hi I had erroneous readings of 38afr+ when engine running fine . Is this likely the sensor or the controller? turbo application tia
  10. Adam there is no LF wheel speed without di to choose from ! ?
  11. so toggling U changes all data but speed up on youtube in a mo
  12. No change Adam. Well all other data did but speed remained at kph
  13. i've same issue. evo 9. saw above comment on lf wheel speed which is di3 but still dont know how to get mph
  14. Booston

    Xy plot hold

    Anyway to make xy plot hold instead of after a few seconds it wipes away ?
  15. I know I should ultra rarely hit fuel cut but when I do it’s harsh, best way to soften it?
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