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  1. It is mil spec wired. So It is hard to rewire. Initially it was wired for sequential injection and ignition. I just want to know, If each ignition drive wired to its own coil - can it work in wasted spark way? For example ignition drive 1and 5 trigger simultaneous.
  2. Greetings! Have found some trouble with starting Ls3 engine on a Xtreme model. After wiring all coils and injectors to corresponding drives on an ECU, found that Trigger 2 is not working due to bigger custom front cover where sync sensor is located. So I decided to start engine without sync signal. Injectors chose an option "multi point group", and ignition "direct spark". Help file says that that in a "direct spark" (8 cyl) there will be active only 1-4 ignition drives. When I crank engine, drives 5-8 where sending pulses as well to coils. But engine don't won't to operate correctly. Is there an option to make all ignition drives work in a wasted spark way?
  3. grisom

    CAN DI issue

    Adamw, can I ask you to do this in future? It would be awesome.
  4. grisom

    CAN DI issue

    Hello. I just finished wiring one project. Engine operated by Link Fury and chassis powered by Motec PDM32. I was trying to setup Touch start system but meet situation where there is no option to configure CAN DI. The only thoughts is to WIRE Aux output to DI. Why there is no option to configure CAN DI that will suit Touch starter operation? Thank you.
  5. Adamw, Thanks for reply. I know I need to measure GDI pump Max volume per lobe but the pump itself is a one solid construction, so there is no chance to measure it if only not to brake it. I was hope that it can be measured or set up this parameter experiment way.
  6. Hello. Today was a good day as finally I have calibrated my GDI pump on Ford EcoBoost engine with Link Force GDI. So I reached results from this: To this : The major thing that was slowing me down is that GDI pump settings in PC link isn't working in real time. (I didi try 5.6.5 and 5.6.6 firmwares). So first you need to change values then store, switch ignition off-on and then changes will be applied. But still I have some questions regardless of my results: 1. Max. Volume Per Lobe Where this can not be measured, this number can be tuned in real time. Refer to GDI Pump Control Tuning. Cant find in help file where it can be measured. 2. GDI pump control (%) log parameter is always highlighted with red and valued -6% at idle and -10% at high revs. Is it a normal behaviour? Log file attached. Thanks for help!! Work GDI.llg
  7. Hello. I am new here. Purchase Force GDI for my Ford Ecoboost engine. 4 cyl DI. It has 60-2 crank trigger wheel and VVT camshaft with 4 teeth. There is no trigger preset for this engine. So will it work with my ECU? I assume I need to chose multi tooth/missing. But what about cam trigger? Cam Level?
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