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  1. Hey Adam, Following up on this. This was super helpful to get me started and it worked great for us. I want to make some modifications to the CAN definition that you setup on the AIM side of things to match some recent changes we've made. With the config you previously sent, the CAN configuration was just there, I didn't have to import anything and didn't have anything I could edit or modify. Did you create that CAN configuration in the Custom Can Protocol Editor in the AIM software? If so is it possible to get an export of that protocol definition so that I can make modifications to
  2. I managed to get it working, the Hondata system has a both an analog and digital output. I wanted to use the digital output, originally I had it wired into DI-8 and configured as a strain gauge input, however I couldn't see it activating even though the Hondata was sending the activation signal. I moved the input to DI-4 and re-configured it as a GP input and it all seems to be working properly now. Not sure if I just used the wrong DI or what, but this seems good for now. Will update once I test everything out on the Dyno tomorrow.
  3. I'm trying to get a Hondata strain gauge working properly. I have the digital output from the Hondata controller module wired into DI-8 on the Link Thunder ECU, however I'm not seeing the input status change from off. I've tried different settings for the pull up resistor etc. but nothing seems to change the value. I can see analog voltage changing, just not the digital signal. https://hondata.com/help/strain/index.html Anyone managed to get this working?
  4. Did you ever manage to get the PID configuration figured out? We're running the same throttle body and are looking for a base to go off.
  5. Thanks Adam we actually spoke to someone on the tech support line and there were a few things that were contributing to the Engine Kill and ECU hold Power being stuck on, one of them being the ignition switch input not being wired in. We've managed to get all that fixed and we have no Engine Kill firing up anymore: Unfortunately we're still not able to keep the timing light on once we trigger the start. If we use the ignition test it fires perfectly fine, but not when we actually try to fire. What we noticed yesterday is that the B plug pin 5 is not getting 12V consistently and
  6. You're right we did that, here's an updated trigger scope with the right capture.
  7. Thanks Adam, we've made some progress. Put a new sensor in and changed a few settings. I've attached our trigger scope which is picking up one revolution on trigger 1. We can get the timing light to blink once and that's it. Still not sure what's going on. Base Calibration-updated-camcrank.pclr
  8. Setting up our new Link Thunder ECU on our car time attack car. The car is a B18C5 engine, with T1 Cam Trigger, Honda Coils, Bosch motorsports 82mm DBW setup, etc. Working through getting all our sensors configured and getting the car ready to fire. We went through the e-throttle configuration and everything went perfectly, verified the throttle body is operating as expected when the pedal is pressed, however we're seeing the following error consistently: We looked at the voltage that the pedal is seeing vs what the battery is reporting and they seem pretty close, not sure what's goi
  9. Thanks Adam, I might put together something myself. I don't actually have an ECU file yet, but I've been playing off one of the samples which I've attached here along with my dash configuration. I appreciate the help! Chris G4+ Thunder Sample-Chris.pclr MXG 1.2.zconfig
  10. I'm new to canbus, and I've been playing around with my new Link G4+ Thunder ECU. I've read some of the other posts and the help section in the PCLink software. Playing around with the Generic Dash template that ships with PC Link I can see everything I'd expect to see. I'd like to send more information though as the default template only sends approximately 36 parameters of the 120 I can receive on the AIM side. I was wondering what the best way to accomplish this would be? Some things I'd like to send over would be that are missing in the Generic Template are: Crank Case Pressure
  11. Thanks Adam this answers my question pretty well and aligns what I was seeing in the software. A question for you as I'm getting up to speed on the Link software, I know in AIM's software you can create math channels for logging purposes. If I had a math channel I could easily do these calculations automatically to convert from the frequency to the actual RPM. Is it possible to setup Math Channels in the logger or is this something I'll have to setup somewhere else?
  12. Hello, I'm new to the forum. I just got my Link Thunder ECU and I'm looking at how best to run a turbo speed input. From looking at the documentation DI11-16 are 6.5KHz and I seem to be able to configure them as frequency inputs from the Link G4+ Software, however I've read some conflicting information from other posts as to whether or not this will work: http://forums.linkecu.com/topic/6827-turbo-speed-input-g4-thunder-di-11-16/ Is this still an issue? I'd love to not have to run a converter for the signal if I can. Thanks
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