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  1. Adam, mad genius you are. Not just on my issues but all the problem and issues you catch is simply invaluable. Had her on a true mustang dyno yesterday 420/412 with a small hx35 on gate pressure - 20 psi and ran out of injectors. tuning on e90 with flex tune - it did 377 hp pump gas. very happy! Great experience with Link thus far! excited for the next season, Thanks again!
  2. 2jz vvti - Link ECU storm Cant seem to get trigger 2 cam polarity working right... Everything worked out of the box under the 1jz vvti trigger settings locked at 10 degree btdc offset 200 trigger 2 offset 170 Starts and idles great but trigger 2 signal is inverted and possibly causing my rpm limit issues at 5k rpm After switching the polarity to trigger 2 the signal is flipped in the right direction but the signal is all out of wack and can get it running. Back story: after 1st RPM limit error we noticed cps sensor was out of range so replaced that with a new one. Also for good measure, reran shielded wiring from both crank and cam sensors back to ecu. Waiting for new cam senor to arrive, just wanted to reach out for any advice. Thanks! Here are some files to help first pull rpm cut.llg
  3. In search of a start up base map for a 2jzgte vvti Black storm ecu 1000cc injectors fid - sequential inj 1zz Coil on plugs - wasted spark Here is a "sample" base map so far... inputs and outputs are correct with correct sensor data I get a table allocation error when I load the attached map into the ecu, not sure why? Thanks! Email: rlwight.10@gmail.com bm final.pclr
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