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  1. Thanks Adam. That makes sense… although may be best to repin as that may confuse future mappers! Thanks!
  2. Hi Adam, 3SGTE MR2. it’s the injectors. It’s on a distributor for ignition. Cheers!
  3. Hi, Is it possible to change the output of the ignition points. We've a customer who's wired in their Link, but they've wired Inj 1 and Inj 2 the wrong way. Can we change this in the Link software or do we need to re-pin. It's on a "plug and play", so a bit more difficult to de-pin. Cheers!
  4. Thanks Adam. That’s worked - although oddly, setting it to white in there, it shows up as green on the snake trail, but that’s good enough for me to see! Cheers.
  5. Hi, Does any one know which setting in Colour Theme I need to change to change the snake trail colour (or is it somewhere else?) - the red on black is hard to see at a glance. Cheers
  6. While I appreciate this is the G4X forum, I can confirm that in my 1993/4 MR2 having now switched to the serial cable on my G4+ Fury ecu (see above) I no longer have disconnection issues.
  7. That’s great info - thanks Adam.
  8. Ahh, thanks for that. On the web pages selling them they give a couple of reference for 0.5V being 45kpa (I believe) so just wanted to ensure this was just the voltage reference and not necessarily the limits of the device. Cheers for that.
  9. Hi, Please can someone from Link confirm the pressure range the Link 4 Bar sensor can read? I'm interested in the lower (below atmospheric) pressure. Thanks!
  10. Hi Adam, Understood. My mistake - just appears to be the same symptoms. As I say, Scott is helping with this one and sending me a USB cable... if this doesn’t work then we can look at the serial option.
  11. I have the same issue on an MR2 but on a Link G4+ (Fury). I’m on with UK tech support who are helping and sending me a ferrite lead to try. To be fair to Link, they have been very supportive with quick responses, it we’re yet to solve. Symptoms: - connects fine with engine off - updates and store are ok - with engine running, sometimes disconnects when starting engine, and I can repeat the issue by trying to make multiple cell changes at once (say, highlight all 500 rpm calls vertically and hit Q or A a few times) or by doing a few CTRL-S store to ecu. - when just generally trying to map, it will also drop out on a change to a single cell.... does seem to be worse if the car is under load, but this is perception and not necessarily fact. My setup: - forged 3S~GTE on stock distributer / coil. Magnatec leads and iridium plugs. - charge cooler pump in boot, but this runs a constant voltage and is on when engine isn’t running while ECU connectivity is fine. - Link Fury G4+ (not X) standard comms usb cable, straight into laptop. I can repeat issue in garage on tick over. - when tuning I use an extension cable, have tried various ones but all exactly the same unreliability - predictable due to it failing without extension. - have tried various laptops and also a surface - all behave exactly the same. My tuning laptop is a cheapish (£300) Lenovo. Tuned a GT-Four ST205 on a plug in G4X last week and didn’t have a single problem with this laptop. I’ll let you know how this ferrite cable does... ...I do hope Link can fix this though as it really is a killer.
  12. I noticed the same thing when using a surface. Freezes for 20s, and opening of menus is really slow. I actually had the same issue with my new, regular, laptop. On the surface I never resolved it - although I didn’t put too much effort in there. On regular laptop, in the end I found the Intel graphics driver was causing delays, so I removed it and went back to the standard windows default one - the downside is that the 3D table graphic no longer renders text.
  13. Hmm, ok. I’m not entirely sure what I am to check on ignition system. It’s the same system the car was initially mapped with. Magnacor leads, NGK iridium plugs. Everything else is stock Toyota. A bit lost on this one.
  14. Hi Adam, Thanks for the response... a lot of potential problems to worry about there :-/ I recently wired in the knock microphone. When I use this, I need to have gain very low (set to 2 (two) ) so I suspect the signal on the line is strong. Do you think this could be a cause of the interference... I don't remember if I had the same level of problems before. Cheers, Christian
  15. I’d say it’s only when the engine is running. The only plugs in the ecu are the 2x wiring harnesses and the ecu->laptop usb cable. I may be imagining it, but it seems worse if the car is under load / driving. When idling it’s a little more reliable - although today I couldn’t get it to store even when idling.
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