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  1. Hi Adam, Thanks for the clarification. Am I able to set up a “maths function” to add the trims I use together in PC link? I’d imagine I can do this after the event for analysis but perhaps not live? Cheers, Christian
  2. Hi, Is there a parameter for PC Link (G4+) and to log for the overall correction % or value being applied beyond the fuel / ign table? My old Motec had this and was useful to see that something was affecting the figures - you could then deep dive into exactly which parameter(s) was causing the correction. Thanks! Christian
  3. Hi, I've done some serious digging around to try to find how I change this, but can't find it. In my logs, for my GP Speed(Digital Input) for car speed I can only get it in kph. I've changed the units in "preferences" but to no avail. In the logging screens, when I add the parameter it says kph in the dialog box but it's greyed out so no way to change. Any help much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for quick reply Adam. Presumably then, the ECU would still "hear" knock on all cylinders, but I just won't have the detail as to which one. Therefore, can I set Cyl2, 3, 4 knock detection to "OFF"? Thanks, Christian
  5. Hi, I'm trying to setup knock control on my map. I've set up some basic parameters, but I only appear to get values on cylinder 1. I expected I'd see some noise on all channels then tune for a threshold? I've read the notes - I'm on a distributer so does that mean the ECU can't tell which cylinder it's on? I just want to confirm this to make sure I'm not missing something obvious. I've added a log, if that helps. Thanks, Christian Log 2020-11-1 8;54;52 pm.llg
  6. senordos

    ''Laggy'' software

    UPDATE - the videos I've uploaded to demonstrate the problem - they don't appear to "stuck" to the link?! It showed as successfully uploaded Here is a link to the videos on a shared folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hzn0ZIuABoGrWDrIXMt3NQtNigy8x-ND?usp=sharing
  7. senordos

    ''Laggy'' software

    PCLink with Intel adapter (laggy).mkv Here is a screen capture of the problem I'm experiencing - I've seen this on both this laptop and also on a VM (running on Mac) if I have 3D acceleration enabled. This is what I experience if I disable the Intel adapter... better, but not ideal. PCLink with default adapter.mkv Hi Mitch... yeah, I've tried those things. The scaling made no difference. I played with some other settings... weirdly, if I set everything up to Max Performance on the Intel control centre, it actually gets worse. We're not running Crisis here, so we shouldn't be pus
  8. senordos

    ''Laggy'' software

    Did this one ever get solved? I have similar issues as described here. For G4+ when NOT connected to car - take a good 10 seconds to "get ready" - if I press ESC and type, say "Accel En" the menu jumps around before settling on Accel Enrichment after a few seconds - if I right click on one of the dials and click properties, takes 12-15 seconds to open the dialog box... then dealing with this is painfully slow When CONNECTED to car - when first connects, freezes PCLink for 30 or so seconds - is a bit laggy when jumping between menus Overall, it makes
  9. Ahh, found it... thanks Brad!
  10. Hi Adam, Are you able to share the ST205 (3SGTE) base map which is on the plug and play ECU? I'd like to see which pins you have pre-configured? You've previously shared a 3SGTE base map, but it appears to have a bunch of inputs which the standard car wouldn't have, so I'd like to have a look at the plug and play one, if different. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Adam! That's exactly what I was looking for... really helpful (as usual!).
  12. Hi Adam, I've pasted the screen I believe you speak of below.... but this shows the error high and low in voltage... I assumed this was the "range" that the sensor was in normal operation, and outside of this range it would give me Error Value (so below, it would be 50degC). What I want to set up is that if the AIT is above, say 60degC to tell me... or if the ETs are above 100degC. Is this possible? For example, here is the screen from my old Motec...
  13. Hello, I'm sorry if this is an obvious one and I'm missing something simple, but I can't see where in G4+ where i can setup a warning / fault code when my AIT / ET / something else goes above a set figure. On my old Motec I could set up warnings which would flash up on dash if temps got high, or boost went high... I know I can setup the "gauges" to do something similar, but that's on the PC Link and not in the ECU. Also, if I want to send this information to a dash (I'll be doing this at some point) - or set up warning light - I'd need to be able to do this. I'm sure
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