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  1. Legend, works perfect. Thank you very much.
  2. Sorry to bring back from the dead. Everything is working except i cant get G/Box oil temp or Eng Coolant press to display the run time values on the dash. I don't really know what i'm doing with CAN but i added them to the generic stream and the MOTEC say's they are received but i cant get a realistic temp /press value. Could someone please help with those two parameters. All other values display as per run time values. current.pclr offroad basic 6.U26
  3. Hi, i haven't had any luck getting my project to fire. Could someone please check my map and let me know what i'm missing. K24a3, 410 injectors and the rest is stock except the exhaust. I've tried multiple master fuels, it wont fire at all. Inj and ing test appear to work. Any help is greatly appreciated. dave k24 6.pclr Trigger Scope Log 2021-05-8 8;07;04 pm.llg Log 2021-05-8 8;35;36 pm.llg
  4. Thanks Adam, Went over the wiring for the 10th time and found the Can high pin in the wrong spot in the dash autosport connector. So much for a professional wiring job. Is it difficult to add a couple of other values to the link can out put? I'd like g/box temp and fuel pressure to the dash as well and could find them as available in the dash. Thanks very much for your time.
  5. Ive tried every combo of CAN Channels and checked continuity. Neither device shows errors but nothing from the link runtimes screen is displayed. Im pretty lost with this stuff. Any way to check electrically if the terminating resistor is at the dash end? Its about 1.7m from ecu to dash
  6. Thanks Adam. Looks like they have spliced the two cans together. There is a pdm connected as well but i dont need to talk to that just yet. Can plug 1 from ecu goes to pdm then out to dash. Looks like can two is spliced with can 1 at the bulkhead connector to the dash. Will cutting the can 2 wires help?
  7. Hi, I am struggling to set up the CAN between the dash and the ecu. I have tried reading up on both but i really just can't get my head around it. Vehicle is an off road buggy which i didn't wire. Could someone please assist in setting them up for me. On a side note, any tips to get sticking injectors to fire? I've tried tapping them during inj test, warming them with a heat gun. During injector test i can hear them clicking if i put a screw driver to them and listen through it. I have them in the rail, out of the manifold and i get zero fluid through.. Thanks, Dave dave k24 5.pclr offroad basic.U26
  8. Awesome thats a relief. I have the name of the fella i purchased it off which i will include. Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi, Purchased a Fury second hand that is supposedly new. No receipt from previous owner, who said he didn't purchase it originally. I Will be wiring it in soon and wanted to see how i go about having it unlocked if indeed it is new and un used. Serial is 50690. Hopefully seller is/was legitimate. Thanks Dave
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