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  1. Hello Adam, I would like to post further information to support your investigation. Bottom window is Idle Proportional Gain Table. Second window from bottom is Idle Anti Stall Gain Table. Tokugawa-san did the following process ; AA. change values and push F4 to store the data to ECU. BB. Main key OFF -> ON. CC. Then the values become different value. (concern point!) Tokugawa-san has asked LINK Japan few days ago, but no feedback. We are the member of the group who is interesting and enjoying LINK ECU in Japanese SNS.
  2. Understood, Thank you. Effect of Gain value, I will analyze Log data.
  3. Hello I am trying to find how to calculate CLL fuel increase value/decrease value. But I can not find it at help, actual log file and forum. Attachment block diagram is my understanding for CLL control. For example, the following setting and input value; Fuel trim limit: 10%, Target Lambda: 1.0 Lambda1: 0.9 CLL gain: 2.0 CLL rate: 5Hz I would like to know how to calculate CLL output and the output value with above example case. CLL block diagram.pdf
  4. Thank you. Understood. If you get further information, please let me know.
  5. Thank you for the quick reply. Could you confirm the following my understanding for the trigger is correct or not? Accel dead band: 5% dTP/dt=3% -> non trigged dTP/dt=5% -> trigged In addition, next question. I want to know calculation logic of additional fuel. I can understand "Maximum Acceleration Enrichment = Accel Clamp Value % x Accel Load Value x Accel Cold Value". However I can not find calculation formula for actual additional fuel in Help. Therefore I can not understand how to work "accel sense" for calculation of act
  6. I have a question for acceleration enrichment function. In case "sequential injection mode" and "accel mode" = "TP(Main)", What is the trigger to activate additional fuel injection by acceleration enrichment function?
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