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  1. alexjohn

    K20 cool dewll

    Need help 1jzgte use coil k20 setup dwell time?
  2. Ecu is running in boot mode and cannot connet...need help?
  3. 2jzgte link strom idle to low use 2wire isc..startup to low.need help about setup Log 2020-02-11 8;54;24 am idle low.llg
  4. hi benginetuner how u do the engine light and alternater light at rx8 dash work? the wiring to connet please?
  5. HI ADAM ask some question about the alternater wiring ?the d1 wiring to alternater light is right?
  6. canbus file for rx8 runing gauge oem....use engine 1jz ecu strom ?
  7. the canbus file for can bus rx8 1jzvvti ? ecu link strom
  8. isues timing for nissan 15 degree offset -98 at pully mark 15 at three line is correct or wrong lock timing?
  9. Oli pressure so low aready test
  10. Aux 1 test pwm solenoid have Clicking...i test on the solenoid open little
  11. i try run the engine have the load... the vvti counter error....
  12. fisrt start run vvti have sound is error ....second start is normal back no error
  13. already set vvti mode 1jz ,cam angle off,trig 2 vvti off 174 still error counter 1jzvvti 4.pclr Log 2019-01-20 10;35;59 am run5.llg
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