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  1. Babych44

    CLL settings

    Now finally firmware is ok too, still it does that sometimes https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oMR6xotTixHt3kzhNBT5AutWY6Prxby2/view?usp=sharing log here 19.8 test.pclr
  2. Babych44

    CLL settings

    Oh fuck, I will do that today
  3. Babych44

    CLL settings

    I updated yesterday for newest version before taking logs
  4. Babych44

    CLL settings

    Still seems to do it. I guess putting CLL update rate higher might help a little but still dont understand why it does that 18.8 uus firmis.pclr 18.8 cruising.llg
  5. Babych44

    CLL settings

    I will do that, thanks
  6. Babych44

    CLL settings

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dmBQNIPECZwTRuev-q7Cm1VXswPYG8Er/view?usp=sharing Link to log if its needed
  7. Babych44

    CLL settings

    I have tried to put cll settings so that it does not adjust when in overrun areas (below map 35) but still it sometimes does that like in attached picture. I uploadet base map, but log was too big for uploading here :( Does Adamw know why it does that? 16.8 cll pos ja neg säätöjä muutettu, afr target tablea muokattu myös.pclr Heres CLL trim limits
  8. Babych44

    Knock trouble

    Check out for rattling heat shields in exhaust manifold and uppipe
  9. Your clutch is slipping? I had this in Impreza, first it did it only when boost was kicking in
  10. Babych44

    Modelled fuel

    Yes the fuel pressure is same 3 bar
  11. Babych44

    Modelled fuel

    I´m changing from traditional to modelled fuel and have new (used) injectors. Injectors are Imprezas yellow sidefeeds and they are rated at 440cc, but I had them tested and were about 500cc at 3bar. Should I put 440cc or 500cc to "injector flow" I want "instant fuel consumption" to show correct value. Also are the dead times same than grey "380cc" injectors? Car is Impreza GT 1998 v3-4
  12. I have new injectors and was thinking going from traditional to modelled fuel. Is this possible even if I dont have fuel temp and pressure sensors? Car is Impreza gt 1998
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