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    omni 3bar cal table

    he there just wondering if anyone has cal table input and output values for the omni 3 bar map sensor.. I had a tune done on dyno and tuner reports that it is 40 kpa difference compared to there reading once it reches about 10 psi. Regards Devon
  2. Have found a bad connection in a dutch connector.apperas to be running good now. Thank you everyone for your input
  3. also have tried another second hand set of coils from a friend but one turned out to be completely dead so I am lost as to which ones may be good or not. if it is even a coil issue. Thanks Devon
  4. yes the ground for the coil packs are direct to the engine block. The positive for the coil packs is used from the previous internal coil. I did reconfigure the remaining left over wires that were for the dizzy to run the x4 coil signals plus other wires that are not used any more eg: the o2 sensor wire and vtec oil press switch. should I maybe try direct wires from ecu to coils
  5. hi there finally had a chance to look at my car.. I closed up the plug gap to 0.5mm..still same issue ..it was running fine before I installed the coils and dizzy with just triggers inside. what would the trigger scope show if the sensors were wired up backwards .would this make a difference? also it is ok until the boost comes on..8psi at this point. trigger scope at idle. save attached thanks
  6. new map save attached .the statistics had been reset before the next drive I took with two data logs. misfire happens at around 4 to 5000 rpm in second gear with the tps at 100 percent..on Log 2019-10-13 3;38;45 pm.. it is at around 3.06.624 & 4.36.803 & 5.36.171..i am seeing the rpm drop a little in these areas...at the same time I installed the new coils I put In another dizzy with just the two triggers inside .before I done this I never saw any trig errors..now most of the time on cracking it gets one trig error.. the other log I have Log 2019-10-13 3;27;50 pm.. the problem s
  7. Hi there I have fitted 4 cop k20a coils to my b18c turbo engine it is running well..i am pretty sure the spark is getting blown out once I get up to about 10psi.just wondering if anyone has settings that will help them operate correctly.i have uploaded my pc link save file. thanks 12.10.19.pclr
  8. hi there thanks for the help. ended up being the ignition dwell control.has stoped the misfire and only drops 0.1 afr richer.wich I presume is allgood
  9. hi there I have changed the dead times to match the table above.also checked over the earths to the ecu. added 2 extra earths to the engine and battery.replaced the alternator and battery still much the same.it is ok till it warms up..only thing I have left to check are the power supplies to the ecu..I did have trouble with this ecu when I first got it.was sent for repair as it was trigging two injectors at once and was a solder joint that had bridged two injector drivers.just wondering if maybe something inside is causing this issue. thanks
  10. Thanks for all the help.just wondering if that would be the same for the stubby 875cc deka. I am currently trying to get the part number for the injectors from the supplier..it is running 40 psi fuel pressue and does not change with voltage.i will try these dead times and see if any improvement. also over the next few weeks I will check over the loom and check voltages at injectors and ground points.
  11. hi there I may have to check the loom for bad connections and maybe replace alternator.here is my map file and a log with engine up to operating temp idleing .Head lights are turned on atabout 20 seconds then turned off at 30.and back on at 40 seconds then engine fan turning on at around the 1 min mark..also the issue is not there while the engine is warming up. I did have the afr showing on the plot but after saving and reviewing it has disappeared. thanks help much appreciated. integra.pclr afr rich with head light or fan.llg
  12. Hi there I am new to using link and have an issue im trying to resolve,i have a da6 integra that was converted to obd1 from obd0 with a converter harness.all works has been working fine on several different ecu's for many years its is running a b18c turbo.i have recently purchased a set of 880cc siemens injectors and a link g4 + 95civic link plug in. All is working well apart from at idle and on light cruse when the engine fan turns on or head lights the engine stumbles like a miss fire and air fuel ratio on the wide band goes rich from 14.9 to about 13.8 .also sometimes coming to a stop the
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