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    Will check it but am quite sure in the first place it was okay. I don't thing the customer changed the plug to the can. But will check it for sure
  2. Fotis


    I have a customer with a Pnp G4X HC96 ecu. Today i plugged the usb port into the laptop and it shorted out my laptop port. Then i changed the usb cord and picked another laptop and it shorted out again. Measured voltage on the usb coming from the ecu is 12V. Anyone knows whats up here? Not the first time powering up the ecu. It was tuned from me the very first time.
  3. Fotis

    Hard time starting

    Bumping this thread as i have the same problem on a rxp 2018. Was wondering if 36-4 would help
  4. Looks like i will be bumping this also..
  5. Fotis

    Ignition Delay

    Just a quick question is it possible that too much of ignition timing delay lets say 180microsec can generate a missfire at 7000rpm? Honda B18C engines
  6. I measured the resistance between the shield/round and trig 1 and it was 17Kohms the sensor has not resistance at all. So it's it has to be dead. Measured a new sensor and it gave around 900ohms.
  7. I get about 17.34K ohms
  8. Hello i was checking the crank and cam sensor on a seadoo jetski and i found that i have no crank signal no matter how i wire it. It's a 2 wire reluctor sensor 36-2 teeth. the cam sensor is optical with 3 wires. Cam signal is okay but it needs to be reversed i tried to change the wires and it still did not change the signal. Trigger Scope Log 2020-07-24 4;14;32 pm.llg Trigger Scope Log 2020-07-24 4;19;39 pm.llg
  9. Fotis

    Seadoo Rxp 300

    Thanks Adam!! Understood will figure it out
  10. Fotis

    Seadoo Rxp 300

    To be honest, i have never wired something like this before but to my guessing , the 2 on top are power wires and the 2 on the connector are the switching? So one of them will be constant +12volt or ground and it will be switch via an aux1-4 from the link ecu. And the Push buttom will be one ground and the other +12V? The existing push button is ground and power and the power is switched via the oem ecu if am correct, will link be able to run it this way? Sorry for all the questions just to be extra sure. Better to ask twice and do once. Thanks Adam
  11. Fotis

    Seadoo Rxp 300

    Anyone knows how to wire up a seadoo starter solenoid? So push button and kill switch will work? Unfortunately i don't have the wiring diagram.
  12. Fotis

    Toyota G4X

    Do you guys have by any chance the 1987 model ecu pinout? Will be wiring an AtomX
  13. Fotis

    Toyota G4X

    Thank you guys
  14. Fotis

    Toyota G4X

    Hi everyone, Planning to run a link ecu on a customer vehicle which is a Toyota AW11 1.6 - 16Valve Naturally aspirated engine. I would like to ask you if this is the correct ecu to be fitted. Better to buy once Product : MR2Link V1 - TST185X Kind Regards Fotis
  15. Correct, Thank you Adam
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