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  1. Ok - so with a copy of PCLink for the G4+ open on one screen (with my current map loaded) and a second copy of PCLink for the G4X open on the other, it seems I should click through all of the below config items, expand them, and copy all the config across to the G4X. Is that correct? Is there a quicker way of copying tables across? That looks like it may take forever.
  2. Hi, I've upgraded from a G4+ wire-in to a G4X pnp and noticed that PCLink won't load the old G4+ map. Is there a 'how to' guide or an import tool or something that I can use to copy the appropriate settings across?
  3. Hi - just planning how to connect our Powertune dash to a TST205X we have just started using. According to the G4X Extreme quick start guide, CAN 2 is shared with DI9 and DI10. Given we have a plug-in, I'd prefer not to use CAN 2, as we then couldn't use DI9 & 10 as digital inputs (spare DIs are a bit scarse on a plug-in). According to the TST205X manual, we can use CAN1, but should probably chop off the Grey and Yellow RS-232 wires so they don't accidentally act as an aerial. Is my understanding correct?
  4. Ah yes - thanks! I tried that out, set the teeth to 36/1, and attempted to start. Got backfires, so took 360 off my base timing (ie set it to 78-360=-282) and it fired up. Many thanks
  5. Hi all, we recently got our freshly built 3S-GTE running in our ST185 caged tarmac car. To get it going, we used the two trigger signals from the stock distributor. Now that we have a much smoother idle (thanks Adam), the next step is to switch Trigger 1 to a reluctor CAS with a 36-1 tooth trigger wheel mounted on the crank (for more stable timing). In the Trigger 1 settings I have set 'Multi-tooth post' to 'crank' (was previously 'cam'), and set the Tooth Count to 36 (was previously 24). We have set the reluctor nice and close to the wheel, so we have a good strong signal, but we still s
  6. I tried it out this morning and it idles way better! Many thanks Adam
  7. Many thanks Adam - I'll give it a go in the next couple of days. Regarding fuelling, the 'master fuel' in our ST205 tune (that I used as a basis for this) was set to 9msec. Given that this engine is running 720cc injectors (compared to the standard 540cc injectors in the ST205), I also reduced 'master fuel' to 6msec in an effort to compensate. I acknowledge this is a bit of a blunt instrument, but the plan is to get it properly tuned soon anyway. Let me know if you think it may be worth bumping that back up to 9msec.
  8. Hi Adam - please find attached (sorry - took me a while to get back to where the car is). It basically started, I had to keep it alive with a few well times stabs at the throttle, and then I let it conk out eventually. Apologies for the IAT being stuck at 50 degrees - it is a wiring error that I fixed after taking the log. Please let me know of any areas I should be looking at. Thanks 210303-Shelley surging idle PC log.llg
  9. Hi all, we recently managed to fire up our new 3s-gte (installed in a ST185 caged tarmac car). The engine is a pretty standard Gen 2 (as installed in ST185s) engine. Standard compression, standard throttle body and air bypass valve but larger cams (272 from memory). To get it started, we took the tune from our other GT4 (a ST205 with a stock engine that had been tuned by one of the local tuners), altered the I/O to match, and got it going. However, the idle seems to surge a fair bit when it is cold to the point where it needs a bit of carefully timed throttle to catch it from stalling. I
  10. Possibly. When I wired up our 205 originally, I loaded up the Link base map, and it started straight away so I didn't bother checking anything else. We then took it to the tuner, they worked their magic, and we have been running it in events ever since then. I've just loaded up the Link base map, and it shows an Offset of 1 degree. When I got our 205 back from the tuner, it had an offset of -4 degrees (not much different). Given that I had to add 360 degrees to get our new engine to run (with direct spark instead of a distributor), it looks like maybe the base map is out by 360 degr
  11. Many thanks guys - added 360 to base timing and it fired up straight away!! Brilliant
  12. Just thinking this through, that means that our ST205 has been running all this time with the timing 360 out, but because of the distributor it will still fire. So basically when the ECU thinks it is firing #1, it actually is firing #4, #3 is firing #2, #4 is firing #1 and #2 is firing #3. I assume that also means that it will be firing the 'wrong' injector as well, but because they are port injectors, there is enough mixture in the manifold to make it all work still? I'm wondering if we should also fix the timing on the ST205 and send it back to the tuners to have the mixture checked (on
  13. Thanks guys - that sounds like it. I'll have to wait until after New Years to try it out - the neighbours might not appreciate a 3s-gte with only a dump pipe roaring into life at midnight
  14. Hi all – we are having trouble getting our newly built 3s-gte running (for a caged ST-185 tarmac car). There is obviously something we have missed, and I’d appreciate any suggestions as to what we should try next. We are running a Link Storm G4+ wired into the stock Toyota loom (ie not using a plug-in). The engine is a relatively standard gen2 3S-GTE rebuilt with: - 264 degree brian crower cams with shim under bucket - Forged pistons - 720 cc injectors - Sard fuel pressure regulator - Generic 3Bar MAP sensor - Bosch Intake
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