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  1. Simply because I am out of CAN An inputs. That's what I was suspecting, but not hoping for. Thanks again. Appreciate your answers.
  2. Thanks again Adam. I 100% understand what you are saying, but I don't necessarily agree how this is treated. Of course this is just my opinion and nothing else, so please don't take it wrong. On the other hand I moved the pins in the connector and setup the Analog5,6,7 with 2.2k pull up resistor in the AEM unit and configured the same in the ECU. What I am not sure about is why the CAN output is simply truncating to whole number when the divider is set to 1000, but it is, so instead I do that in the math channels. Overall the result is much better so far, though there is a
  3. Thanks Adam for the quick reply. I understand what you are saying about AEM shouldn't convert the voltage to ohms, but (as you said too) I guess they have a reason to do so. Putting that theory aside if you look at the runtime values you can clearly see that the CAN TC parameters are simply receiving an ohm value as if you look that up in the calibration, that equals to roughly 20 C. The same true of the Math channels. All 3 Math channels I use output the Ohm values. So to apply the Cal table 1 unit conversion/mapping to the Math channels should clearly result in showing degrees of Celsiu
  4. Hey Everyone, As I was explaining in an earlier thread (https://forums.linkecu.com/topic/13223-can-stream-setup-for-dual-bus/), I connected an AEM 22 channel CAN modul to the ECU. Fortunately not all the 22 channels require an individual address, thus an individual stream, so I ended up needing only two streams. Unfortunately though not everything is quite right. With these additional sensors (3pcs of EMAP - CAN AN6/7/8, 3pcs of IAT - CAN TC5/6/7) there is not much I want to do, but only log them really (well, with the exception of an EMAP which is used by the Link Lambda).
  5. Worked on this a little more this morning and I would have a few more questions. I did not start the car, so it is key on engine off now. Moved the Link CAN to bus#2 (previously I set the bitrate to 500kbps as the rest of the gauges are like that on bus#2). Now, Lambda1 reads 0, just like lambd1 temp, but lambda1 error says ok (https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ale4oyMCOgLThN5bPCwdOYm9Zp3Djw). Is that normal at key on engine off? Will these be read only after the engine is started? The other thing is even though I changed the bitrate previously (and I changed it atleast 3 more times
  6. Those are the AEM x-series gauges I mentioned earlier. Each have a unique CAN ID. Going from stream1 up: Link CAN lambda fuel pressure oil pressure oil temp EGT (this will be converted to a transmit) boost(this is sort of redundant as I have a map sensor obviously, so I might need to give this one up) CAN gauge to display lambda (only configured to test the functionality) ECUMaster EGT modul)
  7. here you go: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ale4oyMCOgLThN5RLlf4fi2B2J4CqQ?e=GiJK20 the AEM EGT is coming out and the channel will be converted to transmit to an other AEM CAN gauge. So there are 3 more temp sensors going in to be able to see how much heat the turbo puts into the air and what the IC efficiency is, and 3 more pressure sensors to monitor emap at different stages of the exhaust system.
  8. Let me do a little housekeeping in there, and will upload it in 1-2 days.
  9. You might be right about the generous part, but as I was reviewing my inputs, it seems I am running out of options. I want to fit quite a few extra sensors, air temp, and emap, and because I did not use all the CAN streams yet, I thought I will be able to fit an AEM 22 channel CAN module and hook all those sensor up like that. I have 6 AEM gauges and an EGT modul already that are sending data to the ECU on custom CAN. So I would need more then 10 streams.
  10. Yep, I figured that, but I would have thought that all lambda modules will need to be assigned individually to a stream with its own ID starting from 950 and up.
  11. WOW, I would have never tried that. (but only two more modules to go to have 4 ) Not sure if I want to go there though as I am not sure for how long the LSU sensors will last pre turbo. So that means, the 950 ID is not relevant either in the setup screen?
  12. Oh, that's very sad. Is there any reason why? and is there any plan to add more? And in this case I can have a custom stream assigned only to one bus, correct? I mean if I assign a device to Stream 1 on bus 1, then I can't assign an other device to stream 1 on bus 2.
  13. Hey guys, As I had to change the bit rate of the CAN-Lambda I have, I decided to attach it to the other CAN bus connector. Doing that I was expecting that the streams tab will be empty of frames (if that's an actual expression ), but it wasn't. No matter which bus I selected on the main tab of the CAN setup screen, it was streams1-10 displayed with the list of frames I have setup currently for the rest of the gauges. This is becoming a problem for me as a 22channel AEM modul is on the way so I'll need to use both buses. Thanks
  14. Hey guys, In the process of configuring my new CAN-Lambda modul and while reading trough the setup instructions, there seems to be no mention of the stream setup. Is that because it is not needed for real or is that just so obvious that it is not mentioned? Thanks
  15. Thanks guys. Nice list of changes. Keep them coming.
  16. Thanks Adam. So then the only thing I can do is wait and see how you guys are progressing and hope that you will be ready on time (for me) with the Subaru CAN support. Otherwise I will need to look elsewhere, which I would really hate for multiple reasons.
  17. Tried to ask this question in the G4+ section in an older thread, but no answer for a couple of days, so thought to give it its own topic. Do you guys have any suggestion how wire up a G4X to piggy back the OE ECU? Any suggestions, link to documents, etc.. is appreciated. Thanks
  18. Sorry for bringing back and sort of hijacking an old thread, but do you guys have any documentation or some suggestions how to start a piggy back project like this? Might need to do something similar for a 2013 STi if there will be no CAN support for these Subarus in a few months. Thanks
  19. Can't wait to hear more. Thanks again.
  20. This is great news @Adamw. Thanks very much. Are there any major differences with beyond 2011? The car I am trying to find the solution for is a 2013 sedan, which shares many many things with the hatch. This project is a few months out, so I wish the plugin will be ready by that time as you say.
  21. I am sure I read it somewhere that you guys are already working on adding the native support of Subaru CAN, so that 2008+ STis can use these really standalone and no piggy pack, but can't find that thread. Do you have any estimate on when this is going to come? Thanks, Béla
  22. Hello there again, I was playing with AEM's CAN gauge (30-0312) as at the end I want that to display the lambda values from the Link CAN Lambda (which is on the way home) and potentially an other one to display EGT. Unfortunately the gauge itself is not customizable by means of specifying what ID or frame structure to use, but it has a big bunch of AEM specific message types preset. I was able to configure the G4X to send the IAT and ECT and those were displayed correctly, however the Infinity user guide states a scaling like this for the lambda vale: 0.00390625 Lambda/bit. Ther
  23. Got you. Sorry, did not spot any announcements about that. Will try and revert back in case of any further issue. Thanks
  24. It seems to me that in this release we've got a bug in the fan control. As per the help (and so far that's how it worked) if you enter 0 into the speed lockout, then there is no speedlockout. I mean it is disabled. Right now, with the new firmware, 0 means actual 0, so if I start driving, the fans will stop. This was quite uncomfortable as I almost boiled the coolant in town cruising. log: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ale4oyMCOgLThM4edFre7Av_S3wKIw?e=kbQLtp Thanks, Béla
  25. When I bought my original G4+, I was very happy with that (although there was not much updates coming for that recently). Then 6 month later the new generation was announced. Right then I started advertising my G4+ for sale, because I knew I will want the new bells and whistles that come with it. I ended up paying an extra 300EUR for the G4X which I think is a reasonable price for the upgrade. Maybe you can do the same as the G4+ is still a strong ECU and I am pretty sure there are people who will happily pay a few hundreds less and get a little smaller feature set then the current line-up.
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