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  1. Hello, the spark is roughly at the right place, i tried adding and subtracting 360deg, still no start. What do you think the problem might me ?
  2. With the v6 alloytec trigger i can get realistic rpm signal, i also got spark but no start, whatever i tried with fuelling didnt make any difference.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, the crank and cam sensors are located at the flywheel side of the engine on my engine, Crank trigger is 60-2 cam trigger is below
  4. Hello, i have wired up an atom 2 ecu to a honda l13a engine (fit/jazz) for a small aircraft project, however using the K20 or l15b trigger setups i could not start it, I am getting the rpm signal all sensors are working but no start. Can anyone help me ?
  5. Brad thank you, its a very common throttle body so should be easy to find, Then which pin is the highlighted (+14v Aux9/10) on G4+ Evo8+ Plug in ecu ?
  6. Hello, I have upgraded my G4 link to G4+ E-throttle. I am aiming to use Bosch 82mm Throttle (0 280 750 473) Anyone have the PID setting for this Throttle? Also any suggestions about the pedal to use? However the plug in ecu doesnt have +14v Aux9/10 input. Can I run this ecu without an external E-throttle relay?
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