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  1. Hello Adamw, can I ask about honda coolant sensors. Today I’m tuning my friend’s honda b18c type r engine with g4x plugin. What I notice is when ecu see 93-94 degree celcius coolant temp, hoses are nor that hot, I mean feels like 60-70 degree celcius. After some time ecu see 98-102 but hoses are feel normal I mean when engine in operating temp hose's temp and ecu temp is much closer. So I checked the calibration and ect sensor calibrated as std bosch ntc on link's base map but on link software there is also honda k20 and honda type a sensors (I don't know if these sensor calibration's for honda iat or honda etc). When select honda k20 3-5 degree less coolant temp ecu see compared with std bosch ntc and when select honda type a ecu see 7-8 degree less coolant temp than std bosch ntc. Can I ask honda typa a sensor is from which honda engine ? Because when select honda type a sensor ecu temp is much realistic and also this honda calibrations are for honda iat or honda ect sensor calibrations.
  2. This is on honda b18c engine with t1r cam gear sensor kit. There is dual pole one sensor (hall). Engine start and works but I think one of the sensor I wired wrong (+/-) because both uses falling edge on calibration but on trigger scope trig1 signal rise and fall and cam sensor is opposite it fall and rise on triggerscope. May be it is because of dual pole one sensor and I wired correct but I can not be sure thats why I asked. Trigger Scope Log 2021-03-9 5;04;04 pm.llg
  3. Hello Ademw, how can I understand if the signal wires polarity +/- wires are incorrect or correct? Because of I forgot to take my notebook with me I can not attach a trigger scope but may be you can explain it to me with using the above triggerscope pictures. Thank you.
  4. Knox

    Gear ratio calibration

    Adamw, this is much easier for me, thank you. Can I ask why when using gear calibration numbers are different with when enter manunally? For ex: 1st gear is 2.69 on my g4+ calibration (ecu calculated at that time) and on my g4x manually entered number is 105.5 ? And also when I use "ecu calculated" am I must "off" normalise ratio table ?
  5. Knox

    Gear ratio calibration

    Yes I’m on 6.19.105 latest firmware. Just enter what is written at gear ratio calc for every gear and write manually without change or calculate something? Becase rpm/speed gives an other number,
  6. Knox

    Gear ratio calibration

    Actually I did not think that at that time. I will try on monday and also I calculate speed/rpm number (which is completely different like 1. gear 2.69 when ecu calculated and when rpm/speed 1.st gear is 105.55). I will try manually entering these numbers also(ecu calculated on g4+ and rpm/speed).
  7. Hello, I tried to calibrate my gear position using "Gear Detection" -> "Gear Calibration". When I try to calibrate on "Misc" tab Gear Ratio Status writes Error - try again, and what I noticed is on Misc tab "Acceleration (km/h/s) fluctuates and sometimes goes to red and also shows "- amounts". On the same car with G4+ I calibrated before, now I'm using G4X and I can not calibrate. On factory cluster speed works and also ecu reads speed sensor when I'm driving. How can I solve this issue ? and also can I enter manually G4+ gear ratio numbers (which I calibrate before) to G4X, are they using same calibration process? Thank you in advance.
  8. Knox

    G4X evo 8 pluging ecu

    Yes I checked my timing when the engine is first fitted. Car is evo 6 but engine is from evo 8. I will check the base timing again may be some fluctuations occured because of engine’s first start after long time sitting or not stable idle etc. And also after I opened this topic I check and my frimware and it is 6.17.8. I updated the firmware but can not have time to test car.
  9. Knox

    G4X evo 8 pluging ecu

    Hello, can you please check this map and log if there is anything wrong? This log file is on 3rd gear low rpm pull to 5400 rpm. Issue is when I make wot car feels like totter. I mean its like misfiring but its not actually no backfire or bangs on the exhaust. What I notice is Engine Speec ROC goes to -299 at 4897 rpm, and some rpms again goes to - and some rpms goes high 1500 (what should be the range for engine speed roc?). Sometimes I have this kind of feeling on tuning other cars and when I advance timing egnige accelerates more smooth but my ignition timing is not low too much. By the way for this issue I lowered spark gaps to 0.6mm and also I installed my wasted spark cop kit with yaris coils but nothing changed. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SChv_DJZjMlASg_YsKPb7n5XrL4xgNPv/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/15T-tyhao7IMYxE9v4I7zHgrJ3Vm-Cl17/view?usp=sharing
  10. Knox

    No Rev Limit

    Hello all, I read before there is issue on fuel cut when injectors pass 100% duty cycle and the solution is use ignition cut or upgrade fuel system capacity. But I have same issue when use ignition cut as cut type on 3 different customer car. 2 is have the same issue only 1 time but one them have this issue 2 time in a week. Is there someone to advise me ? I'm ussually using 85 to 95% end cut setting, 80-95%/20ms exit decay rate, 30-100 rpm limit control range. 2 xtreme plugin (one of them for honda, one of the for bmw e36) 1 xtreme (not plugin on honda engine) Thanks.
  11. Knox

    Evo G4X plugin

    Hello, Can I ask what is the difference for base maps for Evo4-6 and Evo 7-8. In G4+ evo4-8 uses same base map. And also trigger mode are different for evo1-6 and 7-9, can I ask the difference? Because I'm using evo 7 engine on my evo 6, so is it dependent on crank sensor or engine wirings? Thanks in advance.
  12. Knox


    I'm sorry my mistake, there is two sensor and one sync teeth. Is it an issue ? Because I think it will read 2 times in 360 degrees ?
  13. Knox


    Hi, I’m wiring a link monsoon x to ep92 startlet with 4efte engine. There is 24 tooth for crank sensor and 2 tooth for cam sensor on oem trigger sustem. Am I need to cut/shave one of the cam tooth?
  14. Knox

    BMW E36X

    Hello, this is plugin for m50tub25 engine. Is the sockets same with m50b25 non vanos engine wirings? Can I use this plugin ecu with just changine the cam sensor type? (if I correct only difference is non vanos engine hass reluctor sensor when compared with m50tub25).
  15. Knox

    fuel map maxed out

    Hi, it looks like I will max out fuel table also in a rb26 engine. Injectors are id1000 at 4 bar base fuel pressure which ID says 1180 cc and correct dead times and on idle VE numbers are about 70%. Stoich value is 14.7 but this is correct also because of pump fuel. How can I lower the values to around 50?
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